Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Lotion #moist # milky

June 18, 2018
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

In the past years I've tried many Asian skincare products, ranging from Korean to Thai brands. But there was one brand I kept running back to. I couldn't stop comparing this brand with all the other ones. I'm not the only one who shares the same feelings toward this Japanese brand. Hada Labo is a game changer for almost everyone who was able to get in touch with its pure perfection. If you looked at the packaging, you wouldn't know how much power this product has in it! I got my first bottle of Hada Labo from my friend Mindy. In the Asian beauty community it has been highly praised and I really wanted to get my hands on it. But I was too lazy to order it on Ebay. Lucky for me Mindy was on one of her trips to Singapore and was so kind to get me one! After using it for the first time I could already feel how moisturizing it was! Even though the Hydrating Lotion is so thin and water-like, it has such a moisturizing effect

Unfortunately, I ran out of the bottle and decided to repurchase the product. I also added to my shopping cart the "Hydrating Milk", because I want to incorporate more of Hada Labo's products in my beauty routine. The only things, which are missing, are the facial foam and the face cream. I still have to buy these products, but my skin is already happy with only these two goodies.

I bought these Hada Labo Gokuyjun Lotions on Amazon. Yes, Amazon even sells some Japanese skincare products on their site. At first I also couldn't believe, but some of the prices are unbeatable. But the shipping kinda took a while. Around one month.

Hada Labo Gokuyjun #Hydrating Lotion

Just like I mentioned above the lotion is extremely thin, light-weight and water-like. It instantly hydrates your face and gives it that beautiful dewy look. After applying the lotion  your face feels so soft, almost like a baozi. (#foodie) The moisturizing feel doesn't leave you after a short while. Quite the contrary: even after hours your face feels perfectly moisturized. The thing which makes this product superior towards other skincare products is the fact that it doesn't leave an oily residue or a sticky feeling. It gave me quite a shock, because my skin tends to be more on the oilier side.
It's hands off the best moisturizer out there. The scent is simple. Not too heavy or fragranted.

Hada Labo Gokuyjun #Milky Lotion

If you compare this consistency to the #hydrating version, one can instantly tell that the #milky lotion is indeed thicker and a little bit heavier. Plus, it looks like milk!! Just like the name this lotion looks actually more like a lotion than the first one. It's not a liquid and it's also not as thick as face creams. 
This milk helps to provide another moisture layer and aids to seal in the moisture that the #hydrating lotion provided. That's why I apply this product after the #hydrating lotion. In summer I don't even use a face cream after that simple two-step-routine, because the #hydrating + #milky lotions give you enough moisture. If I used also a face cream after these two products, it would be too much for my combination skin. This is a reason why you should be careful with this #milky lotion. If you use too much, your face will end up feeling slightly sticky. I recommend two tiny drops!


It's definitely worth the hype! You should try it out and see its magic with your own eyes. Trust me, you will feel amazed!

xxx Jenny xxx

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