Missha's Triple Eyeshadow #8 Orange Parade Review

April 07, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

Today I would love to continue with the detailed reviews of the eyeshadows from my latest Korean haul! :)
I'm reviewing the Missha's Triple Eyeshadow #8 Orange Parade, which I got from w2beauty.com!

If you want to get those cuties, you can order them on W2Beauty's website!  Don't forget to use my registration / coupon code for $5 off! <3


Packaging + Promises:
Three colors are built in one container to apply with any color combination you desire. The container is made out of plastic and is very lightweight. It has got a simple black design which looks great.

"With just the tip of your finger, anyone can achieve perfect eye makeup  with MISSHA The Style Triple Perfection Shadow. Containing Argan Oil, it applies softly and smoothly. With flower complex, pearl powder, and marine collagen ingredient, it protects the skin around the eyes while providing moisture to it, Three colors are built in one container to apply with any color combination you desire." - Description, misshaus.com


Missha's Triple Eyeshadow is a perfect 3-in-1 product for all the girls who love it to have it handy! The colors match each other well and look great together on the eyes! :)
The colors apply very softly, but have a little bit fall out.
They are not very pigmented, but you can easily build them up.


1) It's a beautiful shimmery champagne white eyeshadow. It's a perfect highlighter for the inner corners and the aegyo sal.

2) This is a soft orangey coral shade, which is not very pigmented. I think that this shade would work well as a outer corner color. It's not too harsh and makes the eyes look very lovely and not so overdramatic.

3) The last one is a great tangerine orange color! It's not a very deep orange color, which could be very off-putting for a lot of people. But more of a natural orange, which is meant for a daily makeup look.

If you love simple shimmery eyeshadows, you will love this one from Missha! I like the colors and I'm a huge fan of the color combinations. :) 

- 3-in-1 product
- travel-friendly
- soft colors
- buildable colors
- different combinations

- small fallout
- not very pigmented


  1. Wow the colour combination is perfect! Would definitely give this a try soon. ;) http://azwaa.blogspot.com

    1. You should! :) The colors are really pretty!

  2. Amazing eyeshadow jenny! though I'm also thinking of using it as a blush-on or a highlighter! I think it would be perfect for it too!!! hhee

    love lots,


    1. Yes number 1 would be good as a highlighter :) I haven't thought about using it as a blush c: Maybe I should give it a try~

  3. The peachy colours look super cute! Thanks for the swatch review :D

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