Pofee Sio Light Brown Circles

May 08, 2018

Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

"From under her straightly cut bangs peeked eyes of hazel and honey. When she was jovial they were warm, lively, and sparkled with joy. When she was sad her honey-like eyes grew dim and dark."

Today's post is all about these beautiful lenses which I got from loveshoppingholics
Loveshoppingholics is an amazing online store for circle lenses. They have a wide range of different kinds of lenses. This means that you will definitely find a pair you like!
Disclaimer: This review is sponsored, but it's definitely my 100% honest opinion!

It took around two weeks for the small package to arrive. Everything was wrapped safely, so nothing was damaged. Like always, everything was wrapped sweetly in a small pouch. Plus, loveshoppingholics sent me a cute reminder to soak the lenses at least 8 hours in lens solution. That's really caring!  Honestly, I was quite surprised about the new lens packaging. Normally, you get the lenses in small glass bottles. I hope that they return to that kind of packaging, because it's better for the environment.

The design is very simple and natural. There are no harsh or dark lines and that's why the lenses almost look transparent. You have to watch out or else you will easily lose them lol. It's a warm brown color, which makes your eyes look like honey. The color isn't vivid at all. It's more a washed out brown. The lenses light up my eyes immediately, even though it can be sometimes a struggle with darkbrown eyes. My real eye color is still visable, if you take a closer look. But it's not that tragic.

I haven't worn circle lenses for a long time due to the fact that I was studying all the time for my finals. I hate wearing lenses while studying. During my study time I looked like a real slob. I didn't really take care of my appearance lol I thought that it would difficult for my eyes to wear lenses again, but I was wrong. The lenses are very comfortable and very easy to put in. I got worried for nothing lol!

Goodbye big, dolly eyes! And hello natural-looking eyes! Having these huge and cute puppy eyes is definitely not a trend anymore. That's why the whole design of the new lenses changed. The black outer ring and inner ring disappeared. Now only the simple patterns are left. 

The Pofee Sio Light Brown Circles are currently on sale! Instead of paying $31, you can get them for $25.90! 

Overall: + 1/2
I'm very happy with these lenses. Everything looks great and I feel like my husband Seo Kang Joon with these angel-like eyes. The only thing, which is kinda bugging me is, that the color is too warm for me. Warm colors don't really suit me. But these lenses are probably great for people who love warm light brown lenses.

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