New Hit! STYLENANDA 3CE White Milk Cream

December 19, 2015
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

Light fairy skin is one of the high beauty standards among Asian countries. You have probably noticed that a lot of Asian countries are obsessed with light skin... That's why whitening skincare products are always very popular by the customers.

3CE just came out with a miracle like cream which brightens your skin instantly and targets blemishes. It's supposed to give you a flawless looking skin in zero minutes and it's tested by dermatologists.
Milk protein extract, theobroma cacao seed butter and Vitamin E were added to this cream to make it a bomb full of moisture.

I saw a swatch on their official instagram account and I was speechless. It really does even out your skin in zero minutes! It kinda reminds me of the Thai creams, which I had seen on my 'Asian Trip 2014'.

Anyway, one thing which caught my eyes was the packaging! It looks like a milk carton lol Super duper cute! *^* The cream doesn't look very special, but the simple packaging emphasizes the pure effect.

Overall, I would love to get this cream, but it's a bit too expensive for me. ~$35 for 50 ml!! I would rather get the Thai creams, which are much more cheaper, but have got the same results!

Where can you get it?:
- Stylenanda ($35.23)
- Testerkorea ($27)

Question: Would you get this cream?



  1. I agree! I noticed that a lot of Asian countries are obsessed with light skin, too. Very obsessed I might say. Haha. This product is very appealing, would recommend this to a friend who badly needs one! It's a bit expensive though, but I think it's worth it! :)

    Hope you could pay a visit,
    Jong :)

    1. Yes totally obsessed lol I hate the fact that some are calling out the people who have darker skin e.e

      I wish I could spend so much money for a small cream lol

  2. I really want to try this since I want to lighten my acne marks, but I'm already super happy with my current skincare routine. It sounds so interesting though!

  3. This looks very interesting! It reminds me of an egg white face mask I saw on facebook not too long ago.

    7% Solution

  4. I saw this on their instagram!! I thought it looked really awesome - but so pricy! ><
    hehe thx for sharing Jenny <3
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Snowy Dessert Collection Review

  5. Oh this looks super pretty darling!
    I love it 3CE

  6. is it safe to use?

  7. Is it safe to use?


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