LAST MINUTE KBeauty Haul For My Prom

August 20, 2018
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

While I was sitting there with only few of my classmates left, my anxiety grew bigger and bigger. The others were already on stage and were waiting for the remaining graduates to join them on stage. Usually, I'm not a person who gets stage fright, but this time it was literally killing me. During that moment I prayed to God that I could have had the chance to walk around a little, so my anxiety eases a little bit. I felt the need to move like a tiger, which is pacing back and forth in his small cage. But it's impossible for me, because everyone was seated lol My anxiety entirely disappeared when my name got called and I went on stage. My confidence was not only boosted because of my great academic results, but also because I knew that my makeup looked good. (Thanks to the new makeup products which I got hehe) 

Prom is now over and this means that I'm not a high school student anymore. Honestly, this feels reallyyyy weird, but the good thing is that I have much more time for blogging again after I'd been so MIA.

So today's blog post is about all the things I got at last minute for my prom. Usually, I'm the type who likes to plan things, but because of all the stress I kinda forgot to plan my makeup beforehand. I ordered my things on testerkorea and for the first time I was kinda disappointed, because it took so long for the package to ship. That was the reason why I wrote them an email and complained about it. Even after 3 weeks they didn't ship my package. I was very dissatisfied, but the customer service took care of my problem quite quickly. They answered after a day and apologized for the inconvenience and offered me as an apology some freebies.
That's why my package came a few days before prom lol  I was afraid that it wouldn't be on time. But I guess I was lucky lol

I ordered three pairs of fake lashes, because I had a hard time choosing. Two out of three turned out be a great choice, but only the' Mix Color Eyelash #2 Under Lash' by Clio turned out to be an utter fail. They didn't look natural at all and were just horrible!

I had better luck with the 'Lash Faker in Dark Brown' by Skinfood. I wore them to prom and they looked extremely natural. I believe that the brown color instead  contributed to that. I really recommend them! :) 

My best friend wore the 'My Beauty Tool #2 Long Lash' to prom. She really loved them, because they also looked very natural. 

I know that the hype over these peel-off eyebrow products are over and I'm kinda late for the bandwagon, but I still had to try them out. I thought that the product would be nice during finals, because I literally had no time for makeup. I was busy studying and revising. I haven't had the chance to try the eyebrow tint pack out, but hopefully in the future I will get the chance to. I had only the chance to open it and the smell is quite overwhelming. It totally smells like Elmer's glue. Yuck.

My sister had to get some new eyebrow pencils and that's why I ordered her some pencils. The black one is from Tony Moly and the brown one is from Holika Holika. She likes all of them and is pretty satisfied with them. No complaints at all! She has typical black Asian hair and that's why she is mixing both colors. 

I've heard so many good things about the eyeliner by TonyMoly. I'm growing tired of using pen eyeliners and that's why I wanted to try a gel eyeliner. This eyeliner is in the shade brown and looks really natural. This eyeliner is really long-wearing, smooth and smudge-free. I'm totally in love with it and the eyeliner has now replaced my eyeliner pencils. Another thing which I like about this eyeliner is that it is so travel-friendly!
Yes, I admit that I only bought this blush because of the cute packaging. I'm weak. I know. But who doesn't love Peko candy?? If you don't like it, I don't know what's wrong with you lol 
But I guess I'm lucky. The color turned out to be super pretty and the blusher is really versatile. I can also use it on my eyes as an eyeshadow or on my lips. Love it! New handbag favorite!

See you soon!

- Jenny

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