Happy 17th Birthday to Me! + 17 Facts About Me

August 03, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~ 

On the 2nd August 17 years ago, I was born to two lovely Vietnamese parents! 

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I'm currently staying in Washington DC with my little sister and we really enjoy it! The weather is hot and humid, but it's bearable. Every day is filled with good food and walking! My aunt told me that I should not eat American food, so that I wouldn't get fat lol That's why I'm mostly hanging around at Asian restaurants. But I love Asian food so much!! So never mind.

If you want to check out what I'm doing, you should definitely check out my Instagram~  ( @itsmeeejennyy )

My birthday was filled with a lot of happiness! I had so much fun~ First we went shopping with my aunt and I received a lot of presents! Later I had a birthday donut instead of cake lol After eating my cousin picked us up and we went to Alexandria. The old town is very pretty! :) We made some good pictures haha My birthday dinner was at Nandos lol Chicken is always a great choice! 

I got my birthday dress from @materialgirl and I bought it at Macy's. I adore it a lot! It's so cute!!

Let's celebrate this day by telling you 17 facts about me!  (not interesting for a lot of people hahah)

1. I'm a hard core Exo fan and my baby is Chanyeol♡

2. My music taste ranges from classical music to metal. There is no in between.

3. I can speak 5 languages! English, German, Vietnamese, Italian and French. Plus I'm currently teaching myself Korean.

4. My family calls me 'Banh Bao', because my face is round and white lol. 

5. I'm a Marvel addict. It started when I was younger haha My older brother introduced me to Spider-Man and I was done lol

6. My favorite foods are Dim Sum and Banh Xeo. (very Asian lol)

7. I love going to the Gym. I go 3 times per week and my trainer is very handsome lol (probably a reason why I go there a lot xD)

8. My current favorite song is 'Bonnie & Clyde' by Dean!! I love his music so ?much! It's lit! He's such a bae!

9. I cannot sleep without my Hamtaro plush. I take it everywhere with me.

10. My favorite number is 22.

11. I could spend all my money on Asian cosmetics! But I'm a poor student T_T

12. I'm an Extrovert.

13. I cherish my dad a lot. He's my role model.

14. My female best friend is a redhead and my male best friend is extremely similar to Exo's Sehun! :o He looks like Sehun and acts like him. 

15. I used to sing in a choir when I was younger haha

16. I wear my silver bracelets, which I got for my bday 2 years ago, all the time. 

17. One year is left until I am 18!!

Business Inquiries: itsmeeejennyy@gmail.com

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  1. happy sweet 17 jenny ! have a blast and hope your goals this year come true ! stay positive and cheerful as always ! you made me wanna go back to my 17 years old self lol, *nowifeelsoold *
    no.6 facts,so agree. i love dimsum the most too ^^ kkk


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