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July 12, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

After my long hiatus, I'm back again! *claps* I am so happy to be back at blogging! I missed it a lot!
I was really busy with school and my family :/

Well, I have still had some time for online shopping during that time! I tried to not buy so much and I kept somehow my shopping thirst low! :D

So should we start now?

TonyMoly Brightening Peeling Gel + Secret Key Snail Repairing Sun Cream
My skin  has been dull for quite a while and I needed to get my hands on some new skincare stuff! I really wanted to get a new peeling gel, because all Western peelings are too harsh for my skin. They make break out and leave redness. T_T
I ordered the sun cream by Secret Key. because I was curious about it. It's a total game changer for me! I absolutely love using it and it suits perfectly my skin! I recommend 10/10!!

Lip Ice Sheer Color + Lip Baby Crayon
My big brother went to Vietnam and I told him to get me some makeup stuff! He said to me that he would not buy a thing, because it would be embarassing for him. But he still bought me these 3 things! He's such a tsundere lol Always telling me no and then doing the things I want. #bestbro 
These lip products are from Japan and they are very popular there! Especially the 'Lip Baby Crayon' (middle), because it's  advertised by the popular idol 'Kanna Hashimoto'. I like it the best! It's such a beautiful orange-red!

Wet'n'Wild #RoseBud

Well this is not an Asian beauty brand, but it is worth talking about! This is a lipstick from Wet'n'Wild and it's in the shade 'Rose Bud'. It is such a beautiful matte color! 
 The Saem Cover Perfection Pot Concealor #2
A lot of Korean beauty youtubers were recommending this pot concealor by 'The Saem'. Unfortunately the shade #2 is too dark for me and it's a bit drying! :/ I would not recommend this to people with dry skin or light skin!

Bbia Last Lip Water #02
Bbia Last Lipstick #04
Bbia Last Lip Mousse #01
Eglips Real Color Lipsticl #Jenny

I bought the Bbia Last Lip Water and Bbia Last Lip Mousse for my blogger best friend Mindy from mymychen! It was her birthday and I surprised her with a small present! Bbia lipsticks are must-haves for Korean beauty lovers! They are totally worth the hype! :)

Even the Eglips lipsticks are amazing!!

Eglips Real Color Lipsticl #Jenny

It's true that I only bought this lipstick, because it bears my name lol It's a perfect lipstick for me, because it's a orange-coral color! I love it! :)

Bbia Last Lipstick #04

Pony was using this amazing lipstick in one of her tutorials! I was amazed by this dried rose color and I couldn't get my eyes off it! :o It's such a flawless matte lipstick and I love wearing it! I got a lot of compliments! 

 Some samples :)

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  1. So nice of your brother to get your stuff! I don't think mine would ever buy me makeup things, just cute snacks and food is the best he'll ever do for me, haha. The think the color of the Bbia Last Lipstick is my favorite <3


    1. He wants to support my blog lol xD It's really embarrassing talking with him about stuff like that haha
      Yes I love this color so much! I wore it at a wedding and it felt so goodddd~
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Welcome back! :D I've never heard of Bbia but now I need to look it up!
    Haha I always send my dad a looong list of stuff or I urge him to buy tons of food XD

    1. Thank you~~~ Yes Bbia seems to be only well-known in South Korea and not international. What a pity! Because their stuff is soo good!!
      Whenever one of my family members travels to amother country, I tell him what I would like lol

  3. Aww I wish I had a brother who did that for me, but mine is a poo haha :P I was actually eyeing on the pot concealer but now that I know it's drying, I probs won't get it - thanks for sharing :D

    The Bbia lipsticks are probably my fav from this post, it's sad how I can't purchase any more for now since I've literally bought a ton of lipsticks recently T___T Welcome back though~


    1. He can be super childish and annoying, but he's still my best bro lol

      Glad to hear that! I think that the liquid concealer version would be better for our skin!

      Haha same here! I wanted to get the whole line, but my wallet says no hahahah

      Thank you~~

  4. Thanks for the cute present Jenny!! I love everything you sent me and I'm probably going to wear the orange liptint every day from now on :'-) ♥ The lipstick from BBIA sounds really nice too, I'm probably going to get some of them too once I'm finished opening up my paypal account xD *broke student life begins* hahah

    Mindy ♥

  5. I also love wet n wild lipstick ;)

  6. ahhh so many nice things, it's so cute that the lipstick has the same name as you :)


  7. Jenny~~ <3
    Such a nice haul :D I have been obsessed with buying lipsticks lately too!
    Miss you <3


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