New Hit! 3CE Stylenanda Lipgloss

January 30, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

3CE created a new series of lip glosses for the ultimate "Pure Glowing Lips" effect, which has gotten very popular in Korea recently. Forget the matte lipsticks and all you need is a single lipgloss for radiant and alluring lips!

It is said that the lip glosses wouldn't be like your typical thick and sticky lip glosses, but more of a watery gel-like texture. The new texture wraps your lips gently with a light and refreshing finish.

The 3CE lip glosses contain oil-lip-care ingredients for moist and healthy-looking lips! Rich, nourishing blend of quinoa seed extracts and argania spinosa kernel oil keeps lips moisturized without a need of lip balm!

7 beautiful colors for 7 different looks! Personally, I prefer #Gypsy Bloom , #Friday Night and #Hooray! Each lipgloss costs $14! You can get all of them on their official website.


  1. wow! they all look amazing! love the colors! 3CE, from what I heard is a really good brand. Too bad for me though because the prices of their products are too expensive for me hehehe

    love lots,

    1. 3CE is amazing, but I think that some prices are too high for poor students like me xD


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