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February 04, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

One of my few talents is that I'm good at spending money on Korean beauty products! I cannot restrict myself from buying all these cute new releases!! It's so tough T_T

I bought all my products from Testerkorea, which is a great Korean online store! Their prices are amazing!!

Missha Magic Cushion Moisture #21

I came across this product while I was browsing through their top 100 products. It's a moisturizing cushion with two refills!! There was also the normal type of this product. At first I couldn't choose lol After considering my current skin condition, I picked this one. I've been using it for almost a week and I'm really satisfied! Easy application, moisturizing feel and a good price!!

ECHOICE Fermented Tea Sleeping Pack

This is known as a dupe of the famous Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. It was really really cheap! I'm not exaggerating, guys! It's very lightweight, but it keeps my skin perfectly moisturized. It works like a miracle!

Etude House Monkey Wish Eyes #BR419 #PK014

I was raving about them in my 'New Hit! Etude House Monkey Wish Eyes ' post and I really wanted to get them! A lot of Korean bbloggers were using them and I kinda wanted to follow the flow and give them a try.
#BR419  is a beautiful, dark brown eyeshadow. The color is very pigmented and the packaging is hella cute! I don't wanna destroy the packaging T_T
#PK014 is a simple, shimmery and light pink eyeshadow. It's a perfect color for spring!

A'Pieu × Doraemon Jelly Marmalade #Cherry #Plum

I'm a huge fan of Doraemon and the Doraemon line of A'Pieu, so I couldn't resist getting more of them lol #obsessedotaku
The tints smell amazing! They smell exactly like Cherry and Plum ♡ I wish I could get every color of the line haha

A'Pieu x ShinChan Deep Clean Foam Cleanser

ShinChan is another childhood hero of mine! I was watching ShinChan in Thai all the time, even though I couldn't understand anything lol I bought this product exclusively for my Instagram giveaway! If you want to get it, you should check my account out (@itsmeeejennyy)~

Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel (250ml)

My little sister is obsessed with every aloe vera product. She has got even two aloe vera plants lol That's why I got it for her. It has got a nice smell and is very moisturizing. Plus, Holika Holika's packagings are always on point!

Holika Holika Aloe Soothing Gel MINI (55ml)

The mini version which is super duper handy! My lil sis brings it almost everywhere haha.

The Saem Saemmul 3D Slim Mascara

Asian lashes are the worst! Short and spare T_T The best wand for Asian lashes is probably a small and slim one. Honestly, those wands work the best for me! I've already tried this one out and I haven't made a real opinion.

A'Pieu Skinny Waterproof Mascara

Just another slim and skinny mascara. It's waterproof and from A'Pieu. I feel like most of my newly purchased products are from A'Pieu. You gotta admit that it's an amazing brand! I haven't tried it out, because I want to finish the Saem Saemmul one first.

Nature Republic Nature's Deco Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler is always needed! Nature Republic is one of my favorite brands!

So this was my big haul! I'm currently trying everything out and I will post my reviews soon! I hope that I will find the time! Please stay tuned~


  1. I can't wait for reviews ^^ Especially on that Missha cushion :)

  2. such a nice haul. I wish that this would be mine hahah >.< I rlly love the brand A'pieu. They rly got some cool stuff omg

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  3. Loving this beauty haul, Jenny! As always, your reviews are very detailed and honest. Can't wait fore more then.

    Keeping in touch,

    Jong | Summerglee |

  4. YESS!! I love shopping from Tester Korea!!!
    hahaha I love the Etude House Monkey WIsh Eyes so much!!! The colours are so gorgeous <3
    omg the A'Pieu × Doraemon tints are cutee! Would love to see you do a review of them~ I'm curious for how the colours turn out ^^
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Big Cover Cushion Concealer & Concealer BB Review

  5. Nice haul! im interesed in the lips tint ♥

  6. I love reading your hauls because you always have so many products! Can't wait for full reviews on these products, especially the Missha cushion >.< I'm always so skeptical about brown eyeshadows because most usually don't fit my skin tone T__T

  7. Lovely haul, Jenny! I picked up some items from the Shin Chan x A'pieu too, and excited to get them. I'd love to know what your thoughts are about the mascaras you purchased, it's always so hard to find a good one for Asian lashes :< TesterKorea is so dangerous for me, it's one of the sites I'm trying to avoid as my New Year resolution haha.


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