Canon Legria Mini X | Vlogging?

February 12, 2017
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

I've been yearning for this camera for such a long time. That's why I was extremely happy that my brother surprised me with this camera! Actually, he bought it for his Vietnam trip but he got another camera. So he thought about selling it and I wanted to buy it. Unfortunately I was broken as hell and couldn't afford it. After that he left for Vietnam and I thought that he took it with him. A few weeks ago he texted me and told me to pick up some of his things, which he left there for us, at his friend's house. I went over and didn't expect to see the Legria Mini X!

What do I want to do with this camera?
I'm a person who loves to travel and go sightseeing. But my Canon 700D is not very convenient and quite heavy. It's good for taking pictures, but filming is a pain in the ass. I hope this will change with my new camera.
I plan on doing some cool videos and be much more active on my YouTube channel 'itsmeeejennyy'.

I have a very weird habit. I like to name all my stuff. #weirdgirl
My Canon 700D is named 'Kaito' after the anime character 'Kaito Kid/ Magic Kaito'.
This time I named my Legria Mini X 'Conan'. I think all the Detective Conan fans will see the connection lol

Best regards,

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  1. omg I've had my eye on this for a while!! how are you finding it???
    I heard sometimes it makes thigns too too fish-lens like? is that true??
    btw - I'd love to invite you to Join my April Skin Korean Beauty Giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Join my April Skin Korean Beauty Giveaway!


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