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January 29, 2017
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

In December I bought myself the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook and decided to start making a bullet journal in January. Almost a month has passed by and I am deeply into the bujo/studyblr community on Tumblr. ( If you want to stalk me on tumblr: )
This is a part of my bujo :)

On Tumblr every bullet journal related post is so amazingly breathtaking. Aesthetics on point! So I wanted to step up my game and ordered quite a lot of stationery for my new holy grail.

Then I went on ebay and searched for some washi tape and cute stickey notes. If I could describe my bullet journal style, I would describe it as a "minimalistic pastel infusion with a touch of the outerspace" lol. It was kinda hard to find the things I like, but I was quite persistent. So it paid off in the end.

It's also a random order. You get 3 types of washi tapes without choosing a specific one. Unfortunately I got 2 of the same ones, but I still love them. I definitely prefer the blue one.
This is definitely my favorite washi tape! The design suits my taste the most! :) A pretty mixture of blue and light colors.
 Definitely the best deal I've ever made in this entire haul. $6 for 4 amazing stickey notes!! My inner Asian is happy! My favorite one is the moon obviously.
You will get random ones, but I didn't really care because every stickey note design was so pretty!
If you go on tumblr and type in 'studyblr', you will definitely see one or more Zebra Mildliners somewhere on the pictures. Highly viewed and praised - I just had to get them. Jenny, the obsessed stationery fan couldn't say no. *wallet cries*
Honestly, they are amazing! 10/10
It takes my notetaking skills up. Plus, it makes so much fun writing and underlining words.

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