ItalIan Travel Diaries #1

October 01, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

I did enjoy my time in Italy. (~March)  It was such a great trip with my friends and it made me enjoy life so much. I can still remember all the memories, which I made with my Italian friends. The Italian lifestyle is really something unique! All the people I met were so easy-going, kind, guest friendly and funny! Even though I haven't met the waiter at a pizza restaurant before, he treated me like a close friend and he was so kind. Things like that amazed me a lot, because I wasn't used to it.

So let's start with my time in Firenze! :)

Firenze aka Florence is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen in my life Firenze is the capital of Italy's Tuscany region and it hosts many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. Just walking through the city takes you back to another century.

The 'Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore' is the main church of Florence, Italy. But it's more common to say 'Il Duomo di Firenze'. It took literally my breath away. It was so beautiful that my eyes started to hurt lol It's located it the center of Firenze and a must see!

The 'Fountain of Neptune' is located on the 'Piazza della Signoria'. Everywhere you go in Firenze you can catch a climpse of the Renaissance, which is a cultural movement/period in Europe and my favorite art century. The Renaissance first began in Firenze in the 14th century. 

Even though it was only a replica of the world most famous statue, I couldn't take my eyes of 'David' by my favorite artist 'Michelangelo'. It's a true masterpiece and I almost cried of joy lol 

'Il Ponte Vecchio' is a hotspot for tourisys!  It's always busy, but the most beautiful time to look at it is around sun set. :)

The best ice cream is made in Italy! One of my Italian friends' grandma owns a Gelato store and I got to try their ice cream. It was so perfect that I started to tear up!! 

My friends never understood why I love Italian streets a lot. On my SD card there are probably 50 pictures of Italian streets lol I took this pic randomly but it turnt out so well. 

A place which you need definitely to visit is 'Il Giardino di Boboli'. You can take a look at the beautiful city and all their monuments! It's so fun to walk around and enjoy the view! :)

My EXO backpack was always with me on the whole trip lol #fangirl

One of my favorite pictures.

What to do around night time? I totally recommend you driving up to 'Il Piazzale Michelangelo'. I had the most gorgeous view and it was so calming. Definitely my favorite place of all time. They weren't a lot of tourists, because it's more a spot for locals.

Next time I'll show you Pisa :)

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  1. The pictures turned out so well! You're always travelling :( So jealous!!

    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm just lucky, because my school does a lot of exchanges lol I love traveling, I wish someone could sponser my travel expenses lol


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