New Hit! Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint

April 19, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~ 

Etude House came out with a new liptint style, which I have never seen around. At first I was thinking that it's a dual liptint with each side having another color. But I was wrong!

What is it?

Fresh tint shot is added to the soft mousse tint! The moist, twin-color gradation darkens over time.

How to apply:

1. Apply the soft mousse tint on the entire lips as if applying full cover to brighten and smoothen the lips.

2. Press the shot button on the upper part of the container 2-3times to discharge a small amount.

3. Lightly apply the tint shot on the inside of the lips to make the two colors produce natural gradation, and then widely spread.

9 shades are available and they are mostly orangey and pinkish shades. 

These new liptints look very interesting and I would love to try them out! :)


  1. Amazing lip tint dear! I am amazed with their colors a lot! I am alsoo happy that they work so well :)

    love lots,

  2. I love the packaging of these. And the colors are all so vibrant and amazing. Thanks for sharing, Jenny <3


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