Innisfree Glow Tint Stick #1 #8 Review

March 21, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

If you had followed me on Instagram (@itsmeeejennyy) , you would have seen a picture of an Innisfree bag <3 

It's time to reveal the things which were inside the bag~
Two Glow Tint Sticks from Innisfree!! 

I was raving about them in my 'New Hit!' post and I really wanted to get them! Luckily, my brother's frined got me 2 and the EXO Sing For You #Sehun Version! :) Unfortunately, the #Chanyeol Version was sold out everywhere :/ But I'm still happy about Sehunnie!

You get these little bracelets in the Innisfree stores for every Glow Tint Stick purchase :) They are very pretty!

Just as I told you tint sticks are currently a huge hit in Korea. They are a perfect mixture between a lipstick, liptint and a lipgloss! I got #1 and #8!

Packaging + Promises:

The Glow Tint Stick comes in a white glossy stick form and has got a twist mechanism. You  should twist the bottom until the product appears. The recommended amount is 1 mm. If you twist too much product out, you won't be able to twist it back.
They are said to be very moisturizing, long-lasting and pigmented. Camellia Oil is one of the ingredients.
I find the stick packaging very travel friendly. I brought them with me to my Italy trip and they survived the whole trip without any damage!

Plus, you don't need to worry abour being confused about the colors. You can easily distinguish between the colors by just looking at the cap.


#1 is a beautiful light tangerine coral. It's a perfect inbetween color for people who like orange and coral shades. I really like this color and I was happy that she picked it up for me! I told her that she could choose between all the colors, because I didn't mind.

#8 is a gorgeous blue toned red which has got a soft plum undetone. It seems very cool toned and it is not a bright red! The color of this tint stick is perfect for people with a cool toned skin color.

The texture is very smooth and creamy, so it perfectly glides on your lips without a feeling of stickiness.
The finish is a sheer one, but the colors are still quite pigmented. 

They reminded me quite a lot of the Ultra Glossy Stylos from Kiko Milano, because of their texture and finish. That's why I compared them. (swatches are below)
You can definitely see that the tint sticks from Innisfree are more pigmented than the ones from Kiko!

The lasting power is quite good, but you need to reapply them after a meal. They leave a small stain.

Btw they smell amazing!! :) I love applying them, because they got a fruity scent!

Plus, they are pretty moisturizing! My lips are kinda dry these days, but they still look good on my lips without any patchiness!

I'm really impressed with those two beauties! :) They are currently my favorite lip products and I was wearing them all the time in Italy, even though I brought my Doraemon liptint and Chanel Lipstick with me lol
You should definitely get one of the colors! They are worth the hype c: I recommended them to my cousin and she was head over heels in love with them haha!

- beautiful color range
- travel friendly
- stick packaging
- good color pay-off
- easy applying
- smooth and creamy texture
- sheer finish
- fruity scent
- moisturizing

- twist mechanism
- only online available and in Innisfree shops (sucks for International buyers)

Where Can You Buy Them?
If you want to get those cuties, you can order them on W2Beauty's website!  Don't forget to use my registration / coupon code for $5 off! <3



  1. AHHH these look like the key to the super glossy, plump, and fresh lips korean girls sport all the time <3 I need one huhuhu Also, hi sehun. Followed you on bloglovin'

    My Passion Blog |

    1. Yes you're right :) The moist looking lips are definitely a typical Korean makeup thing haha
      SEHUN <3

      Thanks! I followed you back~

  2. oh well hello Sehunaa <3 i'm tempted to try using the red one, looks extra nice x

    1. You should try the red one out and tell me your opinion about it! :)

  3. Wow, these look so glossy and pretty!

  4. The shade #8 is so pretty!! My kind of pink ;) Thanks for the detailed review

  5. I love both colours! Been wanting to get some lip products from Innisfree but I'm always got distracted by their skincare products more while at the store. hehe
    Mira | Pretty Little Things

    1. Hahaha you're right! :) I prefer their skincare products as well haha

    2. Hahaha you're right! :) I prefer their skincare products as well haha

  6. Jenny your photos are very pretty! :)
    Both colours look gorgeous + I love how it has a slight glossy finish~
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Berry Delicious Collection | Giveaway

    1. Thank you! :) I tried my best at shooting them hahaa But your pictures are way better!

  7. I don't really get this brand where I am, but it certainly looks good!

    7% Solution

    1. Yes Innisfree is hard to get in non-Korean countries :D Online shopping for the win!

  8. Ah, now I want to get more colors! #8 looks gorgeous, not only for the spring season, but for autumn as well! :D And #1 looks like the perfect color for daily wear (or maybe a gradient lip?) Love your swatches!

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