New Hit! ETUDE HOUSE X PONY Play 101 Stick

November 27, 2015
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

Every Korean beauty lover knows and loves them. Probably, they were a lot of things popping up in your mind, but I'm talking of the Play 101 Pencils from Etude House

This time the pencils changed their design, became a bit bigger and got some new colors.  
 Just like the Play 101 Pencil, you can use the Play 101 Stick as a concealor, a blusher, a highlighter or use it for contouring.

Guess who's the lovely promoter again? Of course one of our favorite Korean beauty gurus and makeup stylists! It's PONY, who collaborates with Etude House again~ She released two makeup tutorials on Etude House's official Youtube channel.
She's looking stunning as always!

The Products:

This is a creamy and light stick foundation. #3

Highlighter stick.

This is a product which I'm really excited about! It's the 'Contour Duo' stick. 

This is one of their blush shades and it's a very pretty peachy color!

I'm very excited for this new line and I would love to get the Contour stick, but I need to wait for a bit. It's not available online T-T

Where Can You Get It?
- Foundation: 
- testerkorea ($8.63)                  - jolse ($11.98)

- Multi Color:
- testerkorea (8.63)                    -jolse ($11.98)

Question: Do you like their new line? :)



  1. I love Pony and yes she's so pretty! Im dying to try this product now!

  2. I love Etude House for coming out with some easy contouring makeup options because I'm a total contouring noob! The blush sticks look so pretty, too! *__*
    The contouring stick was already sold out when I went to the store some weeks ago, so hopefully the internet shops will catch up soon! :D

  3. I really love the Etude House x Pony collections!!
    I actually just did a review on them if you'd like to read Jenny ^^
    btw, you could get the contour sticks from their online global store~
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Play 101 Stick Review

  4. I loved the Play101 pencils so I hope to grab some Play101 sticks soon!


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