New Hit! PONY EFFECT - THAT GIRL Holiday Collection

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Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

She's the makeup artist of 2NE1's CL and one of the biggest makeup artists in Korea. All of her collaborations became very successful and popular overseas and in Korea! You know who I'm talking about! Of course it's PONY !!

PONY has recently launched her own makeup line called PONY EFFECT. She released her first holiday collection called That Girl and it involves an eyeshadow palette, a contour palette, four nail polishes and three gorgeous lipsticks!

The packagings of her products are just as colorful as her hair and the products come in different purple and pink shades, which give the line a little grungy vibe.

That Girl Fever Eye Shadow Palette

This palette has got four shimmer, three matte and two glitter eyeshadows, which are perfect for special occasions and everyday makeup. They are said to be easy to blend and longlasting. Underneath you can see all the swatches and their specific names. I think that Pony got inspired by a few Kpop songs, such as Exo's Overdose, Vixx LR's Beautiful Liar and F(x)'s All Night.

That Girl Luminous Contouring Palette
This is a very handy contourings palette which helps to sculpt and define your features. It has got 2 highlighting colors and 2 contouring colors, which are suited for light or medium skin.

That Girl Illussion Nail Laquer
 Pony concluded all the trending nail trends in Korea right now, such as the 'Glass Nail Art' ( 유리 네일 아트 ) and dark colors, which are perfect for the winter and holiday seasons.

-Party Fever: Plum purple with micro gold pearls
-Sensual Seduction: Midnight blue with micro pearls
-Be Imagination: Forest green with glitter pearls
-Illusion Glass: Clear polish with chunky hologram pieces

That Girl Outfit Lipstick

3 different lipsticks for 3 different occasions. This is the concept behind these lovely lipsticks. 

Noble Brunch: A soft nude pink lipstick that is suited for daily wear.
Expensive Dinner: A deep berry red lipstick that is suited for fancy dates.
Vibrant Club: A burgundy lipstick that is suited for winter.

Where can you buy it?

Question: Which product caught your eyes?


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  1. I looove Pony and her work and I was really excited for her release! Sadly it's a bit expensive to me (I'm just cheap, really) but it's already a pleasure to just look at *_*

    1. Yes I enjoy watching her makeup tutorials on YouTube! She is a very skilled makeup artist! :) It's soon why don't you give yourself a little treat? :)

  2. Ahh I really want to try her eyeshadow palette, especially after I saw a YouTuber review it... >_<
    But I don't actually need more eyeshadows :(
    The packaging is super nice though *_*

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. Oh which youtuber reviewed it? I haven't seen that video yet :o
      I barely wear eyeshadows, but it's a nice palette for every occasion T _T

    2. It was this one :D

      Haha I always wear the same pink/purple colors... but I agree I think her palette has a nice variety for all occasions! :D

      Mia - Rainbow Road

  3. I kept debating if I wanted the eyeshadow palette... but it got sold out on the Memebox website and I'm not sure if it'll come back. It's pretty, but I feel like all of the colors don't really mesh together that well.

    1. Yes the colors don't suit each other a lot....It's a bit messy, but I think that Pony wants to create 3 colors for each occasion :D

  4. I really love the packaging on this and have been seeing it posted everywhere. I was so compelled to purchase the eyeshadow palette but kept reminding myself that I don't even wear eyeshadow! It's so expensive though >_<

    1. I don't use any eyeshadows as well xD Only on special occasions or when I feel like it :) We need to wait for some reviews!!

  5. omg I love the packaging..!!
    that eyeshadow palette look so nice >_<

  6. I've been a big fan of pony for a while, and I love her books and videos, and she is sososo pretty <3
    I'd love to try out some of the products from the line but memebox only ships to the US :( I'd love to check out some of the lip sticks though!


    1. Her face kinda reminds me of Hyuna and Go Ara lol
      Yeah it's terrible for international fans :/ Which lipstick do you like the most?

  7. i love pony too, she's so talented <3

    1. Yeah I'm impressed that she tought herself everything :o

  8. Memebox has problems for ship to my country~ Always is the same I need try this time because I want the That Girl Luminous Contouring Palette~

  9. Wow. Pony is very stunning and certainly pretty! And her first holiday collection, That Girl, nailed it! I'm in awe..! the Nail Laquer collection totally rocks the season!
    as always with a great post.. Keep it up, Jenny!

    Jong :) *(I'm back.. haha)*


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