New Hit! Skinfood 0.9 Moist Skincare Line

September 12, 2015
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

I just stumbled across this ad of one of my favorite Korean actors. Guess who? It's Lee Jong Suk ♡ Plus, it features the beautiful teen actress Kim Yoo Jung!

Anyway, Skinfood has launched a new face cream and an essence.
Skinfood described this cream as "a moisturizing cream formulated with 0.9% salinity to match the optimal levels of skin salinity for quick absorption and lasting hydration,
that features pristine salt from Lake Andes."
It's said that "this hydrating formula immediately relieves skin with a clean, fresh feeling. The cream is formulated with pristine salt from Lake Andes."

Sounds very promising, right?

Where Can You Get It?
- The Special Set: Koreadepart $19.53
- The Special Set: KoreaTown $21.51

Jolse sells the products separately, even though you can only get the two products as a special set in Korea,
- 0.9 Moist Essence: Jolse $16.98
- 0.9 Moist Cream: Jolse $ 19.53

 He is so adorable in this CF!

What do you think about this line?



  1. didn't know this line yet! :3 but it sounds good.

    1. I totally agree with you~ I haven't thought that salt cam be so helpful for your skin c:

  2. I never heard of this line before but the cream sounds so refreshing *-* Lee Jong Suk looks so handsome in the ad omg makes me wanna try it hahahah ♡ xD

    1. Lee Jong Suk could make me buy everything xD That guy is too adorable and I wish I could meet him lol We should try to kidnap him in Korea hahah

  3. owwwwww loved the review * - *

  4. I havent tried skin care from skinfood before.
    it seems good product
    thanks for sharing

    Tori Chu

    1. Skinfood is a really great brand and I just adore their whole food concept haha :D

  5. hopefully its a really good product!! :) i dont doubt it since skinfood has a pretty good reputation~


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