Asia Travel Diaries Part 1: Thailand

April 16, 2015
Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny~

So today is Throwback Thursday and I just wanted to make a new small series. This is about my last Asia trip in Summer 2014. I went back to my home countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos) with my parents and my little sister. It was such a good trip and I want to share with you my memories from it. The quality sucks, but I hope you don't mind…! I spent a few days in Thailand and the street food is amazing there! I can talk about my love to street food for a long time. I don't see it a lot, that's why I find it so exciting! Freshly prepared food on the street is always a good choice ;)
Plus, It was SO hot in Asia. It was tough to walk around without sweating.
This was such a big airplane and it scared me a bit! The stewardesses were very kind and nice to me and their 'sawadee ka' is so adorable! I  tried to say it, but my mum laughed at my poor pronunciation.
Well, I get always air sick so I don't eat anything on plane lol. (Sounds a bit tough, but it's okay) Only small bites, a lot of water and medicine haha! The seats were very comfortable~I didn't sleep a lot, because they had a small, touchscreen TV and I spent my time with watching Movies and Thai Lakorn and listening to Kpop. When I'm on a plane I cannot sleep or eat properly xD Am I the only one who is like that?  

This is the Bangkok Airport. It was very clean and nice to look at. It was pretty full and there were a lot of Asian tourists, especially from China. There was a Chinese woman, who misjudged me as a fellow Chinese, and she asked my in Mandarin to take a picture of her haha. 

This was so beautiful! :) The flower decoration looked very beautiful and attractive! A lot of people gathered around and took a lot of pictures. 

This was a Japanese Sushi restaurant, but I didn't eat there. (LOL) There were a lot of great restaurants and shops. It was funny to stroll around and look at them. It was a bit pricey, but the food was delicious! There were also a small corner where they sold makeup products from Etude House. The things were very expensive, even more than the price online o.o 

We spent a night in Bangkok and then we took the next flight to Ubon Rachatani which is one of the major cities of Isan. My dad used to work there and we met a few of his old friends.
This restaurant was amazing! They had great live music and the food was so good! The spicey fish soup was heaven for my taste! 

After that we went to a small pastry shop. All the baked goods were looking super duper cute. The whole environment was something for me lol

Everything was super cheap and had a great quality! Just look at those adorable cakes! :) 

I'm not the type who eats a lot of sweets, but I ended up with some soft sponge cake and cookies~ 

There was also a street festival going on, but it wasn't very interesting tbh. A few girls were dancing in short clothes on stage and the men were cheering happily at them xD My little sister was kinda shocked lol

Next day was shopping day~~ Look at these amazing Super Junior mini perfumes!! I got myself a Donghae one, because he has been my fav SuJu member for ages.

Can I say how much I love Dragon fruits? I could eat tons of these! (Actually, I did lol)

This is the shopping mall 'Central Plaza'. You should check it out, because they got a lot of different stores there. It was packed with clothes stores, makeup stores, beauty spas, music/electronic, drug stores, book stores and restaurants.
It's very chic and a lot of young people hang out there. Sometimes, events take place there with some celebrities. I read that they wanted to held a dance battle.
Here was an Etude House shop, too! But all the Korean makeup and skincare products are very expensive here in Thailand! Ordering online is much cheaper! But I purchased a few things lol 

And here are Mr. and Mrs. Lee!
He was too tall, so I couldn't take a selfie...Omg the problems of being 1.62m lol The difference between me and Lee Jong Suk equates 24cm haha!  That means he is 1.86m. I wish I could have taken him home. But my mum would have chopped my head of and the staff from Skinfood wouldn't have been so happy!

Bubble tea- It was too sweet and I felt like dying from diabetes. 

Well, I bought most of my makeup and skincare products online, but I will show them to you in another post. 

Overall, I should have spent more time in Thailand. But my parents wanted to go to Laos quickly as possible. I had a lot of arguments with them on the travel trip. They wanted to do a lot of sightseeing and we spent most of the time in Laos, where my relatives live. They are Vietnamese people living in Laos. They came here, because of the Vietnam war. My sister and I wanted to go shopping and have fun, but my parents are a bit old fashioned. It was very boring in Laos. I spent most of the days sleeping lol But in my next post, I will talk about Laos and all the things which I did there. But Vietnam was hella fun! Next time, I will only travel to Vietnam alone.~ 

Thanks for reading and looking at my my badly taken pictures! 
See ya soon~
Jenny ♥


  1. I've not been to Thailand! I'm waiting for your part two! I heard so much about their pratunum shopping area!

    Celly | Asian beauty, makeup and travel blog

    1. You should go to Thailand once in your life :) It's such a beautiful and exciting country~
      Yes shopping was super fun in Thailand!
      Thanks for commenting <3

  2. Oooo I am part Thai myself :)
    And LOLOLOLOL those super junior perfumes are so bomb, I always restock a lot when I go to Thailand.. I actually have all of them...even the vampire series (only difference is they are wearing suits). My favourite scents are Yesungs, Sungmins and Siwons. I always have one in my purse and my friends would always ask me to spray some Yesung on them hahaha!!! Omg now I want to go to Thailand and stock up!!! T-T

    1. Really? I didn't know lol
      Hahah! I haven't bought the whole collection, because only these were available >< Well, at least I got my Donghae baby lol
      Yes these little perfumes are so convenient! :) I haven't smelled Yesung yet *sobs*
      I need to stock up, too!

  3. Oh wow! Those photos look so nice, I can't wait for part 2 T_T My parents used to travel to Asia every year...but I'd get very bored cause they'd want to spend 1 month with our relatives instead of do fun things like sight see or shop at nice malls..haha. So I can relate to wanting to travel alone to shop~
    Hopefully you get to go back and do all the shopping you want next time!

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. Yeah~ Thank god that I'm not the only one!
      Well, my parents were annoyed of me lol And I swore to myself that I will never travel with them to Laos again. XD I felt like I could have died of boredom haha
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! I really appreciate it~

  4. this post made me miss Thailand hehehe hoe to back there someday thanks for the visit dear I really appreciate it =) keep in touch. new post on my blog too

    1. I get the feeling, too xD I want to travel abroad so badly right now!
      No need to thank me! I really like your posts~

  5. The cakes look so cutee!!!
    hehe Lee Jong Suk <3
    Mum actually got me to take a photo with a cut out of Kim Soohyun once..OTL it was fun but embarrasing XD
    xx Charmaine


    1. Well, you need to wait for the upcoming post which is about Vietnam. You will see doppelganger Lay xD
      Well, I saw a Kim Soo Hyun banner for 'Tous Les Jours' and I was too ashamed to make a picture, because it was in the middle of the pastry shop lol
      Well, the gf of my brother went to NYC and saw a Luhan standee from Nature Republic. She took a pic and sent it to me. I was so jelly hahha!

  6. Waaa you're so lucky you get to travel different places with your family! I love dragon fruit too and you're right its much cheaper buying online <3
    Anyway, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and let me know in the comment so that i can follow you back instantly :)

    1. Well, I considered myself lucky and unlucky haha! :D It was a varied trip!
      Yeah! We have something in common~

      Yes, I would love to~

  7. Replies
    1. Thumbs up for the samsung picture quality lol
      Thanks for commenting though~

  8. Thailand is the country I want to visit next to Korea,Japan, and CHina.I'm happy for you on your tour.And yes, I love street foods too:)

    1. Korea and Japan are number one on my travel list! :) I wish I could go there :/
      Street food ftw!

  9. amazing post
    i feel so much Wanderlust right now seeing this
    would love to travel
    follow for follow?

    hope you too visit my Blog <3

  10. Omg your trip there seemed amazing! I've been to Thailand before (a good few years back) but I was with my family too and my relatives were the tour guides, and we only travel to places for food so all I did in Thailand was eat! haha! I don't think I knew where I was either to be honest... I think it was in Bangkok somewhere~

    I must say though - the airplane trip, I can never eat their food. It always makes me feel sick which causes airsick for me lol! But yea, I spend most of the time listening to Kpop/Jrock, watching anime and reading manga! Haha! And I don't sleep either so I know how you feel during that part!

    Waiting for Part 2. :)

    Nikki x

    1. Thanks a lot! :)
      Hahah I ate a lot in Asia, too! The food was so delicious!! So this is a normal thing lol

      So true! The food is so tasteless o.o Haha we do the same things ~ After the flight I looked like a zombie lol
      It's a bad thing to talk to me when I'm in that state XD

  11. i have never been to thailand. T_T i wish i could go there.
    I hope you had a good time .


  12. Aww You're so lucky! Thailand is one of those countries I dream of visiting! Thanks for sharing beautiful~

  13. I've never been to any of those countries, so I love reading about them. Hoping to visit Thailand some time soon. The food looks so good!


  14. Aww this is such a nice travel diary post. Great photos ^^ I'm glad you had fun eating and shopping in Thailand. I'm Thai hehe :D You said Thailand, Laos, Vietnam are your home countries? So you're a mix of all 3 ethnicities? ^^

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