What's trendy? #November2014

November 13, 2014
Hey lovely people on the internet!It's me Jenny and I'm back with a new post~  I think I'll make  a new section on my blog, which will be called "What's trendy?". I will share the newest trend from Asia. What do you think, guys? :) Please share your opinions below in the comment box :)!!

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
So let's start! A few days ago my friend from Korea told me that 'Ripped Boyfriend Jeans' are so popular in Korea right now. It looks cool and casual.  Pair this jeans up with a comfy sweater and a beanie, this will make a great streetstyle look !
And when I was in Asia my cousin showed me hers, too. Sadly, I didn't buy one and now my plan for the weekend is to make a pair by myself. I already have an old boyfriend jeans. I hope that it will be a success and so I can share it with you.
Here are some pictures~

Short Hair
It's IN again! A lot of K-Idols wear their hair short now. Short hair makes your face looks innocent and cute or wild and sexy. It depends on how you style it. Some K-Idols look obviously better with short hair. For example Jiyeon from T-Ara, IU or Hyeri from Girls' Day.  It's easy to style


Hyeri from Girls' Day

Jiyeon from T-Ara


I don't really know the exact name from those earrings. I'm so sorry ><  A relative from Thailand gave them me as a present. She said that a lot of girls were wearing them and that they are extremely beloved. You wear the smaller pearl/flower/crystal on the front and the bigger pearl (or etc.) on the back.  I think that the earrings look so cute and unique. You ears will stand out with those! Maybe you can find them on some Asian fashion stores! Have you ever seen them?

Hopefully, you like the newest trends!

Question: Which trend do you like the most?

Love,Jenny <3


  1. Short hair are in, but i guess it depends on your face. If you have a cute face like the k-idols then you'll definitely rock it, too bad i don't have it. :) I have that earrings as well :) It's gorgeous because it's different.

    1. Oh yes that's true. I can't wear short hair ,too >< It doesn't suit me! Yes I like them too! They are so unique.
      Btw thanks for your comment!! :)

  2. hi jen, thanks for your comment :) yeah2 I'm following you both on google and bloglovin. thanks for following me :))

    1. Thank you so much for following me ,too! :)

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  4. Hi Jenny, thanks for your comment on my blog. I followed you on bloglovin and google. Please follow me back! thank you. ^^

    1. I followed you back,too! :) You're welcome!


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