Vitamins for Your Skin

November 07, 2014
Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny!

Taking care of your skin is really important. Vitamins play a huge role in your complexion. This is why a lot of skincare products contain high amounts of vitamins. However, it's totally important that you receive this vitamins through the foods you eat. Here are listed some vitamins and their benefits for your skin. Also you can see where they are found.

Vitamin A:
-helps the skin to rebuild tissues
-anti-aging nutrient
-helps the skin to heal wounds,scrapes and other damages to the skin
-helpful for fighting acne

Where is it found?
-Broccoli        - Leafy Greens         -Eggs             -Sweet Potatoes           -Carrots
          -Apricots        -Cantaloupe              -Pumpkin       -Apricots                     -Grapefruit

Vitamin B:
-boots circulation in the body -> it gives you a certain glow
-reduces irration or redness of the skin
-helps with breakouts and oil prevention

          -Broccoli         -Carrots                  -Nuts             -Poultry                -Whole Grains
          -Bananas         -Tuna

Vitamin C:
-helps to battle skin aging
-boosts collagen production rate
-helps to retain smooth and youthful skin
-protection against sun damage

       -Citrus Fruits ( Oranges,Lemons,..)       -Kiwi !!         -Fruits          -Tomatoes

Vitamin D:
-helps skin cell growth and replacement

      - Your body produces vitamin D naturally through direct exposure to sunlight
        - 10 min of sunlight is enough
        -salmon and tuna

Vitamin E:
-protection against sun damage
-minimizes the damage caused by UV rays
-helps in the treatment of skin inflammation
-helps to fight against 'free radicals' ( They are caused by smoking, pollution and sun exposure.)

     -Olives            -Sunflower Seeds       -peanuts,almonds           -wheat germ      -leafy greens

Vitamin K:
-helps the skin to heal wounds and other damages to the skin
-helps to treat dark circles 

          -leafy greens          -spinach              -kale       -broccoli       -cabbage

Question: What vitamin sounds the best to you?

xoxo Jenny
Dara (2NE1) has such a beautiful and youthful skin!


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  3. Hey Jenny! Thank you for such an informative post!
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  4. Thank you for the informative post about skin ^^

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  5. Thanks for sharing.
    Great article and really useful for me!

  6. wow basically , vitamin has everything to do with skin tissues


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