Happy Birthday Chanyeol!

November 26, 2014
Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny!
My days are so busy and I need to prepare myself for the upcoming exams~ It's soon Christmas and my teachers won't leave me alone with exams.... School sucks.....
But despite that I'm celebrating the birthday of my ultimate bias!! CHANYEOL
Even though he will never recognize me . #sadlifeofafangirl I'm a huge kpop fan and you know this probably! :D My favorite group is definitely EXO! In addition god made me to choose this weird Yoda haha!!

생일축하합니다!!! 사랑해요 오빠! <3~

내 눈은 너만 찾고
내 머리가 너만 기억하고 있고
내 입이 니 이름안 외치고 있잖아

이젠 나 어떻하면 좋니?

내 맘은 너밖에 없는데
미칠겄 갔은데 ...

I fell in love with you at first sight. The first time you smiled made me endlessly happy ! I don't know why, but my heart chose you.  A crazy,weird and adorable person.Your reactions are the cutest!!~ I can't stop smiling or laughing because of you. 난 너 밖엔 안 보인다!!~~~ I will never meet you, but I hope for it every day! Hopefully, you will never lose your bright smile, which makes me happy for seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks,months and so on...

Please be healthy and successful!! Exo will always be one! WE ARE ONE!! Your happiness will make me more delightful than ever !! Happy Birthday, my tall hero!~~ Lastly,I want to thank you for everything.For being the happiness of my life, because even if you don't know me, you still make me happier than you could ever imagine! I shared a lot of moments with you through my mobile's screen xD And I'll keep them in my heart forever, just like you.... I'm so proud to call myself a fan of you!

This sounds so cheesy, but I could write more about him xD Maybe this will creep you out a bit^^ I'm sorry haha!

The Korean fangroups love to plant  forests for some idols ( Yes I said forests)
So I had planned to plant a tree, but then my friend told me that it was illegal! I seem like a crazy fangirl right now!! So that wasn't such a good idea. So I'll buy a  flower tomorrow!

And on this special day I want to be more kind and nice to others. So I made Chocolate muffins and I will give them to some others tomorrow! I won't eat them haha-too unhealthy

My two bias on a photo 

 Question:Who's your favorite member of EXO?


  1. wooo I'm not folllowing Kpop trend but this guy is charming^^

    1. So you prefer other music? Which one? :) Oh yes he is!!

  2. lol. wow u are one hard core fans! anyway all the best in ur exam! ;)


    1. Hahah yes I am! Thank you very much!!:)


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