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Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny!
Finally, I created my logo!! ^-^ It's a mixture of a speech bubble, a panda and the letter 'J', which is related to my name Jenny obviously.

Why is it a panda and a speech bubble?
Well, the meaning behind this is that the speech bubble resembles my habit of talking a lot I could talk for hours~ And I love pandas extremely!  Pandas are my favorite animals also and they look so cute!

The idea came in the middle of the night and you can see on the pictures the little scribblings~ And even though I'm bad at drawing, I did it!! *proud* But the next problem was to draw it on the computer.....It took hours to create this. And I got super annoyed. But I didn't give up! It looks a little bit asymmetrical^^ I hope you don't mind! It would make me sad Hahah.

Question: What do you think of my logo?

Share your opinions in the comment box below~~

First drawing of the logo!

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  1. I think your new logo looks really cute >.< ♥ How did you draw this on your computer though? Do you have these computer graphic tablets? ;o;

    1. Thanks!!:3 No, I didn't use a computer graphic tablet. I don't even have one^^ I used an online sketchpad.....It wasn't easy at first and I needed to try it out for an hour^^

  2. that panda looks cute, hehe
    anyhoo u might wanna try coreldraw, I love to use that. or adobe illustrator :))

    1. Thanks for tips!! I will check it out definitely!:)

  3. Looks cute! I think it definitely suits your personality that loves Kpop and Asian fashion!


    1. Thanks for your comment!!! Oh you think so?:) Thank you ^-^
      Jenny ♥

  4. I reeeally like your logo Jenny! It looks sooo cute!
    You did a great job!
    Actually I am planing to create my own logo as well.. but.. right now my mind is just blank (-‸ლ) haha!

  5. Thank you so much~ Oh I had the same problem....I was thinking so much about it...And my mind was blank,too. Just be patient and don't worry~ An idea will come definitely!!!

  6. Oh, it looks so cute! <3 I was wondering why it was what it was but it looks great!

    Browsing your blog is so much fun! xox


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