White Skin

October 11, 2014
I love Krystal so much! <3

Most Asians love white skin!They are so crazy about being pale. A few years ago I was tanned...not like Kim Kardashian lol. Back then my cousin in Asia was super pale and I told her that she was crazy and white skin is ugly. stupid me xD But then I got more into Asian Culture and realized: Pale is beautiful! Of course all skin colors are beautiful! Now I have pale skin and I want to get more lighter!:D
Here are my tips how to get white skin.

1.Stay away from the sun!
Skin darkens when you are in the sun light.Avoid the sun and you will get white super fast.

2.Protect your skin with sun protection.
Have you ever wondered why is in every Asian skin product with a SPF sunscreen? If yes I will tell you the reason.  UVA/UVB rays are harmful for your skin because they slow down the ability of your body to clear dead skin cells or repair damaged ones. So apply sunscreen whenever you are out of your house. SPF 50 is the best.

When you think of Asian Womens who trying to get white skin, you think of the girls with an umbrella,a mouth mask,a longsleeve and those UV protection gloves. 
 So just a layer of clothes will help you to avoid the harmful UVA/UVB rays. Whenever I'm outdoors I wear a jeans with a longsleeve. #asiangirlproblems

4.Drink a lot of water!
Water is the key to beauty.It's so important for your skin, because it will help to keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

5.Take care of your skin!
Wash,moisturize and exfoliate your skin.It cleans the dead skin cells and encourages your skin to build new ones.Clear skin accentuates paleness.

6.Use Whitening Products
It has such a nice smell! 
Super popular in Asia are Whitening Products. They will lighten your skin but you should watch out!You need to be careful with buying the right product. I'm using a body lotion, which is made out of natural products.And it still works! I can help you with choosing one,too.:)
I'm using the 'UV Body Lotion with Goat Milk' from Beautybuffet, which is a Korean brand.

7. Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps you to light your skin. So eat a lot of fruits rich in Vitamin C. Like citrons,oranges, etc.

Hopefully I could help you! xoxo Jenny

Question: Do you prefer dark or light skin?


  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing the tips. x
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  2. Lovely tips on keeping skin healthy ^___^

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    1. Thank you!♡Btw your blog is amazing! ◑﹏◐

  3. Wow these are so helpful tips <3

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