Exo Luhan

October 11, 2014
Hey lovely  people on the internet!It's me Jenny!

Yesterday was such a horrible day. I'm literally down and broken.....I can't believe it and it hurts massively! I keep crying like a fool and I'm so broken right now.My  pain is taking over my whole body and I can't think properly....Because of the thing with Luhan from Exo. I'm not playing anyone!It broke my heart, because I'm an Exo-L. I cried so much and also in school... Luhan is my bias from Exo-M.That's why I'm struggling through a lot right now. It happened twice!!I was watching the remake video of Luhan and I was crying so much....like over a dead person  .-. But I still need to say something:
I will always love you and support you my deer. I can understand your decision for leaving.Somehow I feel happy, because you'll be able to take care of your health.It matters so much to me! As long as you will be happy, I will be happy! I will let you go because I want to see your bright again!! I will always be by your side forever and I'll keep loving you until I die!!Please be happy and healthy! I love you so much <3 #alwayssupportluhan #staystrongexo 

And of course I want to support the other members, too! Especially my ultimate bias Chanyeol! They need to be strong! I will never leave your side! <3

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