Hi!School Love On - 하이스쿨 - 러브온

September 26, 2014
Hey lovely people on the internet!It's me Jenny! :) How was your day?I went on a hike trip with my school class.It was nice,but it was pretty hot in a sweater :D I thought it would be cold...Damn it!
So after a hard day or an exercise routine, I tend to get a hot shower and drink some delicious Green Tea :) And of course I'll watch an amazing Kdrama with some hot actors! Lee JongSuk,Kim SooHyun, Lee MinHo,Seo KangJoon,Kim WonBin,...... Omg I can fangirl about them for hours! xD 

Right now I'm watching 3 KDramas:
1.Hi! School Love On-  하이스쿨 - 러브온
2.My Lovable Girl- 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀
3.Shut Up Flower Boy Band- 닥치고 꽃미남 밴드

I'm somehow addicted to KDramas,but I often deny it :D I can't stop watching it .-. This meme is so accurate!I'm the type who is loving the romantic comedy dramas. My mum loves to watch Kdramas ,too, but she is more into the intense dramatic stuff. I remember when I was younger, I used to watch Thai Lakorn with my parents. I didn't understand something but it was so addicting!! Early practice lol 

Well,today I'm going to talk about " Hi!School Love on".
So I have been excited about this drama even before it started to air. I truly like Infinite! They are a really cool and a talented group! Furthermore, Sungyeol is an awesome actor!I had heard about the rumors of the new drama and I was so delighted to watch it. Then I found out the girl is only 14?!? I was extremely shocked tbh! And of course jelly as fuck xD First it bothered me somehow....But now I'm totally fine with it... Surely I'll get a heart attack by the kiss scene!I'm gonna grab my pillow and rub my face into it^^
Handsome SungYeol
So let's talk about the storyline:
After saving Shin WooHyun (Obviously it's WooHyun^^) accidentally the nameless angel became human.WooHyun takes the angel (Kim SaeRon) to the local police station, where under questioning she stumbles on the name Lee SeulBi. Woo-hyun is about to leave SeulBi to the care of the police, when his grandmother insists that they take her in as he owes her his life.So they live together and SeulBi is working part time in the restaurant of WooHyun's grandmother.Because SeulBi watches a lot of Kdrama, she has the strong feeling to experience highschool life. So she joins the same school as WooHyun and SungYeol (not Lee SungYeol from Infinite jk), who is the #1 student in highschool and a loner. SeulBi goes through up and downs at school and the 2 boys end up falling for her. I smell love triangle^^

This is a really sweet and funny story! I really like SungYeol's acting as the coldhearted boy!And WooHyun's character is a real show-off :D So I think I'll have a second lead syndrome lol Not forget to mention is the acting skills from Kim SaeRon! Actually she is a child actor and a really good one! I have a thing for her innocent and naive character! It's so hartwarming! 
She really has a lot of aegyo!:)

The only thing I dislike is how KBS2 air the drama! KBS2 postponed it a lot! It's so annoying to wait for ages! Because episode 8 is really thrilling! I wanna see the next episode and my SungYeol :D
I recommend it to you guys to watch it! :) Nice and heart wrenching drama with 2 handsome boys and a cute girl!!! And I really like the OST...It's amazing!!
-Nice Storyline
-Good Actors/Actresses
-Catchy OST
-Funny moments

-Long waiting for the next episode

I've stayed up all night for this drama...And I looked really scary!!Like that meme or even worser. But thank god for concealer!

And btw when SungYeol's character smiled for the first time in the drama, I screamed: " OMG HE SMILED!" My sister was confused and asked what I was watching. I told her the name of it. And now she's watching it, too!!! But she is loving WooHyun so much because it's her bias from Infinite.
 Beautiful WooHyun


What's your current Kdrama? And do you like "Hi! School Love On"? 

xoxo Jenny

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