My First Post

September 21, 2014

After long thoughts about sharing my passion with people on the internet,  I decided to make a blog! It's a rainy sunday and I'm still sitting in my bed with pyjamas on my hair is messy...I have no make up on... Instead of studying or relaxing, I'm on my laptop and I'm creating this blog! I'm really excited tbh! Hopefully this blog will be a success! On this blog I will do reviews,lookbooks,make up tutorials and etc.....Please give my blog a try and start the wonderful journey with me :) Okay that was a little bit chessy haha!  And beforehand: I know that my photo quality sucks! I'm currently saving money for a good camera :) 
Okay!A lot of posts will follow and please enjoy it! :)
This is only the beginning! :)
 xoxo Jenny

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