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February 27, 2018
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

Heavy footsteps in the hall are approaching my door. The sound of my doorbell rings through the whole house and I get up as fast as possible from my comfortable spot on the couch. As soon as I open my door I can catch a view of the thing, which I've been waiting for. My hands are trembling, because I'm too eager to accept it and sign my name. Thomas, my mailman, greets me with his usual warm smile and gives me the package. I happily accept it with a big grin on my face. Now I can return to my room and unpack it!
It's a package from my cousin Nick!

We decided to do a swap a few months ago, because I kept complaining how some American stores  are not available in Germany, where I'm currently living in. If I want to get my hands on certain products, it can be a really long procedure. Sometimes some products are not even available online or just I don't want to pay the double of the price. Well, I could rage more over this topic, but how about me introducing the things which I got? Sounds better, right?

A brand, which I really miss, is 'Bath & Body Works'. Just walking into their store and breathing in all the sweet smells - arghh I miss this so much!! Everything smells so good in there and that's why my sister and I could spend all of our time and money there.
Furthermore, these two 'Ultra Shea Body Creams' #Pearberry #WhitePeachSangria smell heavenly good. Plus, they make your skin feel so soft!
Did I even mention on this blog that I have a serious addiction to hand sanitizers. Everywhere I go I have to one with me. They are seriously my life-savers and holy grails! I  seriously don't get why good-smelling hand sanitizers are not a thing in Germany...They have only these hand sanitizers which smell heavily like alcohol.
Bath & Body Works' Hand Sanitizers for the win!
The award for best affordable eye liner goes definitely to ELF. Searching for a good eyeliner with a perfect brown shade is one of the hardest things to do. I'm not exaggerating. I've tried out so many ones, but this 'Waterprood Eyeliner Pen' by ELF in the shade #coffee is seriously the best one out there. They are also so cheap! I got my first one on sale for a dollar and I couldn't believe how amazing this was for just a dollar! It's the perfect brown for a natural look and I don't know what I'd do without it. That's why I keep coming back.
Well, this has nothing to do with makeup, but my cousin was so kind to get me a few surprises. As some of you know I'm a total otaku. I grew up watching Studio Ghibli and I still do. One of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies is 'My Neighbor Totoro'. That's why I'm so happy over this cute cup! It incorporates two of my favorite things - tea and anime.

The last thing which I got is this super adorable egg cup! This is so cute that I'm afraid too use it lol

A special shoutout to my cuz Nick! Thank you so much for sending me this package. I couldn't be more thankful. You're seriously the best!

Love, Jenny

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