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February 27, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

    *Sponsored Review! But it's still my 100% honest review!       
Korean eyeshadows are my current obsession! It's so hard not to love them. It's even harder to choose between all of them. I took me almost a week to decide lol

I've got all the eyeshadows from this great Korean online store, W2Beauty! W2Beauty offers a lot of Korean makeup and skincare items for a reasonable price and without any shipping costs! :)
The owner of W2Beauty, Alice, is so kind! She replies very fast and is very reliable. Their customer service is amazing!

So should we start?

I was so excited for my package! Luckily, the shipping was pretty fast. Almost 2 weeks? I'm not so sure haha!
Every eyeshadow came wrapped up tightly, but one eyeshadow didn't survive the trip from Korea to my house T_T You can see the damage below! I was really sad :/ It wasn't W2Beauty's fault, because the glitter eyeshadows from the Mono Eyes line tend to get damaged very easily. I somehow fixed it! Now it looks fine and you can still use it!

Missha Triple Eyeshadow #Orange Parade

'Orange Is The New Black' is my lame excuse for my love to orange makeup. My orange collection needed the final product so that it can finally be a complete family!
I chose the Missha's Triple Eyeshadow, because a 3-in-1 product is always a good choice! The colors match each other well and look great together on the eyes! :) They are not very pigmented, so it's perfect for a daily look! If you love simple shimmery eyeshadows, you will love this one from Missha! The packaging is simple, yet pretty!

Next on the list is the Aritaum Mono Eyes #ModernFatal
I've heard that this #ModernFatal is one of the most popular shadows from this line! :) It belongs to the 'Wet Processed' texture range. It's very glittery and sparkly! The color is pigmented, but you need to apply it twice for a better pigmentation. #ModernFatal is somehow a rosy brown color which is perfect for a girly and soft look. Unfortunately, this eyeshadow got damaged T_T
( I was using a tissue and pressed it in lol Now it seems fine to me .)

Aritaum Mono Eyes #Orchid is one of the matte eyeshadows, which has got a great color pay-off. It's a perfect color for Autumn! Honestly, I expected that the color would be much darker, but it seems lighter than on the official pictures. It's very easy to blend and it stays pigmented!

I was really excited over this pretty palette, because it contains  powdery and creamy eyeshadows.

- Glitter Shadow ( Highlighter ) : It's a beautiful rose color which shimmers quite a lot! It reminds me of the Aritaum Mono Eyes #Cocktail Dress, which I got from the package exchange with my blogger friend Mindy / mymychen ♡ ( You can read my post here! )

- Cream Shadow ( Base ) : It's a beige cream shadow, which you can put on your lids first. It works like a base and it's not very pigmented. It works great and makes the other eyeshadows stand out better.

- Matte Color ( Under Eye ) :
This deep rose color is supposed to be put on your under eyes or your 'aegyo sal'. Instead of using it on your under eye area, you can use this as a main color! The palette is quite versatile, because you can easily create different looks!

- Shimmerful Color ( Point )
Omg what a wonderful shimmery brown shade! It's the most pigmented color of this palette. The shimmery brown is very smooth and has no fall out! :)

I was really impressed with this huge amount of samples! <3 Well, W2Beauty is known for their big amount of samples! I should have expected it! Btw, it kinda think that a funny story happens to me in every haul post lol So while I was unpacking all the items, I didn't notice the sheet masks on the bottom xD I almost threw away the two sheet masks hahah #itisnotfunnyasitseems

I'm extremely satisfied with all the eyeshadows from W2Beauty! ♡ I think that I made a great purchase and the only thing which I could complain about is the damaged eyeshadow T_T

If you want to buy them, you can order them on W2Beauty's site!  Don't forget to use my code on your registration for a $5 coupon!!


In my next post I will show you the looks, which I created with these different eyeshadows! :) Plus, detailed reviews on each eyeshadow will follow soon!


  1. so many eyeshadows and they are all so pretty <3 The orange colours and Modern Fatal are my favorites!

    1. Yes I agree! :) Honestly, I can't choose between all the colors lol They are all too beautiful c:

  2. Oh my gosh!! I love all of the colors you chose. I'm really intrigued by the palette though since there's a cream product in it.

    It's such a shame one of them broke though! It looked really pretty

    1. Yes I love the cream eyeshadow a lot c: It makes the other colors stand out so prettily c:

      I fixed it and it looks like new :D Lol

  3. These shades look so pretty! I love Orchid and Modern Fatale, so lovely! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Yes thank you c: I love all the colors hahha

  4. That eye shadow palette from Missha looks perfect! I personally prefer light and casual eye shadows, I'll probably also get one for myself. And that one from A'Pieu looks amazing too! The palette combination looks creamy and soft and it looks like it can really brighten up the eyes ♥

    <a href="http://ggmemochou.tumblr.com/> ggmemochou.tumblr.com </a>

  5. wow Modernfatal is so beautiful! It swatches lighter than I thought it would though. This was a great post Jenny, all your swatch photos are so clear!

    I never buy single eyeshadows because I always choose to use my palettes because everything is right there hehe. I love the orange toned shadows you chose though!



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