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January 07, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

I can still remember this part of my childhood very clearly! I spent quite a lot of my time watching Japanese Anime shows for kids! #otakulife When I'm looking back right now, I could this probably the highlight of my childhood (besides playing outside with my friends). Sometimes, I reminisce about my carefree childhood and there's still a soft spot for those childhood Animes!
So after seeing Apieu's new line, which was all about Doraemon (aka my Dorayaki hero), I couldn't take my eyes off it. Thankfully, my blogger friend Nicole/shijakibanida introduced me to a very cool Korean online shop! (Testerkorea.com)
I purchased my Doraemon products around Black Friday and I got quite a huge discount *yeah*!

The 2 hidden products are going to be introduced in the next post~

It had taken a while before they finally shipped my stuff, because of Black Friday. Testerkorea posted an apology on their website, so I didn't mind. The actual shipping took 1 week!! I didn't expect that! LUCKY ME

So should we take a look at my purchased stuff?

Air Fit A'Pieu Cushion Special Set #13

The BB cushions were extremely intriguing! I've just finished my 'Innisfree Long Wear Cushion' and I was looking for a new one. The packaging is really really adorable!! I needed to get my hands on it! It's a very good deal, because you get a free refill and a free puff! 

There is also a different kind of cushion and a Korean youtuber was raving about it! I had to get it, because I trust her opinion a lot! It's similar to a CC cushion and focuses on brightening! :) I haven't tried it out yet, because I'm currently using  the other cushion!

Most of the liptints were sold out and I wanted to get the orange 
liptint of the normal line so badly! Luckily, A'Pieu made a Christmas edition! The packaging is also unbelievably cute~ It's not drying at all, because it keeps my lips moisturized! Furthermore the color is gorgeous c: It's weird to use a Christmas liptint in Spring, but it's worth it lol

My thirst for Doraemon products is not ending yet! I need to get more of those liptints!! 

Question: Are there any review wishes?



  1. SO CUTE I WANT IT. thanks for the share, I'd never know that these cool products would excist, so thank you! I'm definitely going to check the korean shop out, thanks for the share!!


    1. No problem :) I hope that you like the Korean store! It became one of my favorite stores!! Great prices!

    2. No problem :) I hope that you like the Korean store! It became one of my favorite stores!! Great prices!

  2. Oh so cute!!! I haven't had very much luck with cushion foundation :c it always ends up enlarging my pores and looking streaky.
    Definitely look forward to when you review this one :D

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. That sounds horrible :/ Which cushions did you try?
      I hope that I won't disappoint you~

  3. I'm a new blogger and isn't quite sure how to comment but... They are sooooooo CUTE! I want to buy some soon to try out as well! ^.^


    1. Welcome to our lovely blogger world! :) I hope that you will enjoy blogging a lot!

  4. Oh my gosh! All of this is so cute! The cushion would never work on my skin tone, but I'm so jealous because I would love it to work D: The packaging is so adorable

    1. Yeah Korean cosmetic brands should have a bigger color range! e.e At least you can try out the tints and blushes lol


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