Love Package from Mindy/MyMyChen

December 30, 2015
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

As you can already tell, this post is about my package swap with my lovely online blogger best friend Mindy from mymychen! We've wanted to send each other a package for ages, but we were a bit lazy. (like always lol)

Mindy is my precious friend, which I met through blogger! Our interests are very similar and we've been through good times and bad times! She's always been there for me and helped me a lot. 2015 wasn't my best year, but Mindy made it brighter and more cheerful! Thank you for staying by my side and being an amazing friend! I love you~~

We were unsure about how much we should spend for each other. Mainly because we were broken af and it was our first swap :D Anyway, we decided that our budget is $20~

So what did she get for me?

This is how the package looks like!

 After opening it, you can already see something which made me scream like crazy.....

She got me an EXO postcard and EXO stickers!!!!! She bought me some freaking EXO merchandise!!! MY HEART T_T My husband Chanyeol looks sooo good <3

After seeing the package, I started to cry badly. Everything was so cute and she chose the perfect things for me. Her heartfelt letter made me even tear up more!

This is the 'Ultra Glossy Stylo' lipstick from 'Kiko' and it's amazing :) It's a very smooth and moisturizing lipstick! I really love using it and it's perfect for my daily makeup, because I don't like wearing a lot of makeup to school :) At first I had thought that this was a vibrant red, but it's more of a sheer red. Thanks a lot for the lipstick, Mindy!

Mindy recommended the 'Long Lasting Stick #5' from 'Kiko' to me and told me that the eyeshadow stick was really good! Luckily, she got me one :) It's a shimmer dark brown color and it's so pretty! Plus, it's true that this is a long lasting eyeshadow!

You can see the color of the lipstick and eyeshadow stick below~

Look! It's a beautiful glitter eyeshadow from 'Aritaum's Mono Eyes' line! Mindy has got the same one and it's one of her favorites! I can totally understand her! It's such a breathtaking color~ 


Mindy spent a week in London and got me some real authentic 'English Afternoon Tea'! She knows that I'm a tea lover and I got a thing for cute things! After drinking all the tea, you can use the box as a piggy bank c: Thank you~

Thank you very much for all the sweets! :) My sister loved them! They are very delicious and so cute! Especially, Orange haha
Overall, I was really happy about her package! I cannot be more thankful for all the stuff! 

Don't forget to check out Mindy's blog! Go follow her~ 

If you want to know what I bought for Mindy, you should check out her blog!



  1. I'm so happy you liked it!! Your post is so cute and the photos are so beautiful too ♥ Thanks for doing this swap with me, we should definitely do this again~ Maybe on our Jenny-Mindy Anniversary hahaha xD Und danke auch an deine kleine Schwester~! :D

    1. No problem! :) I enjoyed the swap a lot~ Yes we should totally do it again!

  2. Aww how blessed are you Jenny!!! those items looks so gorgeous and those foods well I guess they are so yummy! Hope you'll enjoy them all dearest! Hapiest New Year in advance!!!!!

    love lots,

    1. Thank you! :) Happy New Year to you as well! ♡

  3. Waa its such interesting to do. Make up swap is really fun to do ^^ and everything u got is so cute and meaningful ^^

    1. Yes I totally agree with you~ It was truly made with love ♡


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