ICK Gaudy Blue Review

July 16, 2015
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

After watching Shinee's 'View' and Red Velvet's 'Ice Cream Cake', I got obsessed with blue lenses. I don't know why, but they look so amazing on Asian eyes. As my friend said: "Your whole face will change!"

So finally I got the chance to try some blue lenses out from loveshoppingholics.com , which is a circle lenses online shop. 

'Loveshoppingholics.com' is a really cool online shop and they sell a lot of different lenses, which are a bit more striking. But they still have got a wide range of natural colors. They are super customer friendly c: PLUS, their packaging is so cute <3


Lens Info:
Brand: ICK
Diameter: 15.00 mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal
Country of Origin: Korea

This cute packaging took 2 weeks to arrive from Malaysia. I really need to say that the packaging is so adorable! The lenses came well wrapped with a sweet Elephant lens case and a thank you letter!♡ I've seen that all the lenses from loveshoppingholics.com come with a super endearing packaging and case!! I was so happy about it!

The 'ICK Gaudy Blue' consists of 4 different colors (blue,yellow,brown and red). They mix in well with my eyes and they look heavenly good!
The color is really vibrant and bright! I was shocked, because I couldn't see my brown eyes underneath o.o It was kinda creepy, because I'm only used to 'natural' lenses. My friends definitely noticed the change and told me that I look like a different person!^^
 (I should get a wig and dance to Ice Cream Cake lol)

The enlargement effect is huge!! My eyes look so big and dolly! It's not that natural, but what do you expect from blue lenses which need to cover up my dark brown eye color?  So I had nothing against the effect. It makes my eyes look very lovable!

There is one word to describe their comfort level: P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N
I could wear them for 8 hours straight without any discomfort :) I didn't notice them at all and they didn't move.

They are currently on sale ($19.90). I guess that this is a good price for these amazing lenses c:

I'm extremely happy that I got the ' ICK Gaudy Blue ' from loveshoppingholics.com , because I can finally recreate the 'View' or 'Ice Cream Cake' look! I've been searching for good blue lenses for a long time, because most of the blue lenses weren't that light or vibrant enough. It's really hard to get blue lenses for dark brown eyes, but I'm pretty delighted about my decision!
I recommend them for people, which love to stand out a bit c:

Without Flash

With Flash 
Without Flash

With Flash



  1. ahh very cute packaging!! And you look so adorable and you also kinda reminds me of a rabbit. I wonder why~Maybe because of your white flaweless skin and big eyes hehe

    A C Y H O Z - blog


    1. Aww so cute!! Thanks for your kind compliment haha Well, luckily I don't have a rabbit teeth lol

  2. I've been wanting to try blue lenses for a while now, and when I say try blue lenses, I mean go all out and get the most outrageous pair. Haha, these look so good on you! Your eyes look amazing and the packaging. TOO CUTE.

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. you look like an anime character jenny! it's interesting ;D but i honestly this is too wild for me hehe


    1. Jenny-Chan the new anime character lol Yes, I need to admit that they are great for the daily use xD

  4. Wow i really love the design and colour of these!! :) i bet it would look so good with heavy makeup!

    1. Yes I should try to wear it with heavy makeup, but I was too lazy for it o.o Working part-time is really tough!!

  5. Amazing review <3 You look so pretty!

  6. Wow these are so bold and crazy! I love them. I think they'd look great for cosplay too. Do you wear circle lenses every day jenny?

    1. Yes I feel so, too c:
      Yeah, I do :) I wear glasses only at home lol

  7. Wow, dolly doll eyes! I love dolly eye lenses!
    And the case is such a cute one, huh.

    Thanks for reviewing this lens for us, Jenny!

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

    1. I prefer natural lenses, but these lenses rock! :) I love them c: No problem~

  8. WOW, there's lenses look electrifying on you! :) I love it!

  9. The colour is really cool, I can imagine people wearing it for cosplays. :D


    1. Yep they are great for cosplay lenses c: They look so bright!


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