New Hit! TONYMOLY X SAMYANG | Fire Noodle Collaboration | Ramen Noodle Makeup?!

September 14, 2018
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

TONYMOLY came out with a new collaboration and I've never thought that they would collaborate with a Ramen company. Yes, you saw right. A damn ramen company! When I saw the pictures I thought that it was a joke. But it turnt out to be true. But everything related to food is awesome, am I right?

A while ago you saw these noodles everywhere. On YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. There was literally no escape. Thousands of people have participated in the Spicy Noodle Challenge and it was always a good laugh to see people react to these noodles. Sometimes you were even able to relate to the pain people had to go through while eating these noodles. No one was spared.

Together TONYMOLY and SAMYANG created this new hot and spicy makeup line for the food lovers.

It consists of :
x Hot Coverdak Cushion in the two shades #01 Nuclear Cover Vanilla #02 Nuclear Cover Beige. ( 12.000 Won)
x Noodle Blusher #01 Fire Flavor Red #02 Carbo-Lighter (It's actually a highlighter.)
x Lip Sauce Tint #01 Nuclear Spicy Chicken Red #02 Cheese Chicken Orange
x Lip Care Stick - It's peach-scented.
x Hot TokTok Cushion Puff 

Lip Care Stick
Lip Sauce Tint
Hot Coverdak Cushion
Noodle Blusher
So what's your opinion on the new line?

xxx Jenny

*Disclaimer: All pictures belong to TONYMOLY*

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  1. BROO WHAAAT. This is why I have to stay in the loop! I had no idea but this is amazing hahahaha. I literally had a phase with these noodles and couldn't sleep one night because I was straight up dying.

    Junniku blog!~


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