Amaze Gray Lenses Review

June 24, 2017
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

These lenses were kindly sent by! It is a circle lens online shop, which has a huge collection of different kinds of lenses. Its range is huge! I could not even decide between all the lenses lol.

Basic Information:
Origin: KoreaDiameter : 14.00mm
Water Content : 38%Base Curve : 8.6mmLife Span : 1 year disposal

It took a bit under 2 weeks to arrive from Asia. Everything was safely wrapped. So you do not need to worry about a damaged product. My lenses came in a very cute packaging just like always! I absolutely love loveshoppingholics' packaging!

At first I could not even see them and I was confused. I thought that it was a false product, but then I looked closer. Yes my eyes are quite bad. The lenses are almost clear and only have a very light design. It was really tough to take a proper picture.
Honestly, I did not expect the 'Amaze Gray' to turn out grey. I thought that they would not even appear on my eyes.
But after putting them on, I was extremely amazed! They turned out beautifully! It is a very natural-looking grey. Sometimes it looks even a bit blueish. It is a grey color that suits Asian eyes quite well. They do not seem to fake or unnatural. My dark brown eyes came out a bit, but it is not relatively visible.
Even my skeptical little sister was amazed about these lenses!

The diameter is 14 mm. If you want to go for a natural look without having big dolly eyes, 14 mm or 14.2 mm are the best choices to go with!
The enlargement of theses lenses are not huge. Especially because they do not have a black outer ring which makes them appear much bigger and more defined. These lenses are for people who look for natural, daily lenses with only a color change. That is why they can be a miss for people who need grey lenses for cosplaying. Well, I wanted to have natural lenses and that is why I am very happy about my choice.

They are very comfortable. I did not feel any discomfort while wearing them. Plus, they do not 'move' around. Because the lenses are pretty thin, people have a less chance of feeling any irritation or discomfort. So I could wear them up to 8 hours. I recommend taking eye drops with you, if you are prone to have sensitive eyes.

It is a great price for lenses, which you can use for a year. I would not mind paying $21.90 for them, because they are worth the money and waiting.

I am very happy about getting the 'Amaze Gray' lenses. I have not had a good pair of lenses for quite a while and I would love to wear them on a daily base! If you look for natural grey lenses, this is something for you! I did not find any contra arguments about not liking them. This is clearly not because I was sponsored!


With Flash

Natural Lightning
With Flash

Natural Lightning

Much love, Jenny


  1. Wow! it's so pretty! I always wanted to have a gray-colored contact lenses but I'm scared to use it. lol
    Love the fact that it has a long shelf life!
    great review as always dear <3

    love lots,

    1. You should definitely try grey lenses out! I think that they will suit you! :) Thanks!!

  2. Wow these look amazing and so natural on your brown eyes! I haven't worn circle lens in so long but these are making me want to try them again for sure :)

    Lotte |

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you will find a good pair of lenses! :)


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