MAC Craving Lipstick Review

January 01, 2017
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

Happy New Year! I hope that all your goals & hopes will be fulfilled this year!

I am going to start my new year with taking a step towards my resolution for 2017.

So let's start!

It's too cold outside to wear matte lipsticks or lip tints. My skin is adapting much better to the freezing season than last year. The only part of my face, which is misbehaving, is my lip area. T_T
Luckily I have found an amazing lipstick, which I use quite often during colder days.

MAC Craving is described as neutral plum with a natural finish. Honestly I think it's more a kind of deep berry shade. But I think it depends on the view. Nonetheless you can say that this dark color is perfectly suited for Autumn/Winter.

On the picture it looks much more pinkish and lighter than in real life. In real life it's much darker and more berry colored. Quite a lot of people were complementing me for this shade. Even in the middle of Italian class one student told me that and everyone heard it lol.
My natural lips 
Holika Holika Stick Concealer


Craving belongs to the Amplified finishes which are known for their "Ultra-Creamy", "Quietly Shiny" and "Color Packed".
This is definitely true regarding Craving.
The pigmentation is on point. You don't need to apply a lot for a good color payoff.
It's indeed very creamy and goes on easily. You only need to watch out a bit while applying it.
Furthermore it's quite long wearing without drying out your lips! Great moisture c:

- beautiful berry/plum color for the cold season
- easy application
- positive longevity
- keeps your lips hydrated!!
- no fine lines
- great color payoff

- I've always been not a fan of the packaging of MAC lipsticks. This fact will never change lol
- Some people might consider the price as a bit pricey.
-> In my opinion it's okay.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this lipstick. Great choice for people who love berry colors and are searching for a non-matte color.
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 - Jenny


  1. Lovely review my dear!
    Happy happy new year btw! I hoe you had a blast!
    I love MAC lipsticks and though they are somewhat pricey, I think they are worth it.

    love lots,

    1. Thank you! :) Happy New Year to you as well!
      I don't own a lot of Mac lipsticks,only 2. But I need that their quality is top-notch!

      I hope your year will turn out amazing!


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