Hopes & Goals - My New Year's Resolutions

December 30, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

I am extremely sorry for being not active on this blog. The reason why I could not keep up with blogging was of course school. I am currently in my final years, which are the most important ones.
I am studying non-stop, because the level of expectations rose immensely. I really want to keep up my good grades and be a good student. Another addition is that I started going to a driving school and I'm not really excited. But my dad is lol 
Plus,  I started working part-time at a daycare for teaching kids.

In one word I could describe my life as immensely tiring right now. But I really want to get back to blogging right now! It has always been one of my favorite hobbies. :)

It's almost 2017, right? Let's leave this shitty year and move on. My last year was awful, but everything can get better. Of course the bad memories are much more prominent than the good ones. Maybe my year was okay and not awful. I'm just being a little bit overdramatic like always lol 

So I'm gonna be a cliché blogger and release my New Year's Resolutions, but I don't wanna sound so cliché, that's why I'll name it "Hopes & Goals". I hope you understand this.

1. Be Happy. I'm the type of person who gets unhappy and depressed very easily if anything doesn't work out like expected. I have been working on this matter for quite a long time and I hope to continue in 2017, too. Some of you might have noticed that my long hiatus is connected to my current mental illness depression. It's my goal to get better. Perhaps I will write about this matter in a future blog post, but I suck at talking about my deep emotions. 

2. Stop procrastinating. I tend to be a lazy nerd, who spends binge-watching Animes or Korean boygroups doing weird stuff. I should get up and get work done. Right now it sounds like I am not a hard-working person, but I am somehow. I just feel like I am not working at my fullest potential. 

3. Focus. No multitasking. It is quite a bad habit of mine. I love doing things at the same time and the results are always sloppy. Just like my look right now after sleeping for 3 hours and rewatching Haikyuu!!'s 1st Season.

*Picture is for reference purposes only. LOL
4. Sleep better. I have trouble falling asleep. Mostly because of school and other activities.
I try to change my sleeping pattern and get into the world of lucid dreaming, but somehow my attempts fail all the time lol

5. Don't depend on others. I am the only person who should be accountable for my own personal satisfication and happiness. I am currently in the state where I stop hanging out with the type of people with bad influences. It is not good for me and my mental health, I try to please others to much. :/

6. Work/Study hard to your fullest potential. Be like Yuzuru Hanyu ( a handsome pro ice skater aka my husband ). I read a lot about his hard work and it inspired me immensely. Hanyu has broken world records ten times and is the world and olympic champion. I felt like a talentless potato after reading (stalking) about him. But nothing can be done about my lack of talent. I should just blame the universe haha.

*Picture is for reference purposes, so you will see how a god looks like.

7. Minimalism is the key to success. I own too much and I spend too much. Yes, I know that I am a horrible person lol I started getting rid of stuff I rarely or never use. ( I gave it away or threw it away) Minimalism is very interesting and makes me much more organized and calm in a lot of ways. 

8. Stay natural. Wear less makeup. It sounds weird as a writer who runs a beauty blog, but I think it is a wise choice. I don't really look extremely different with makeup and my skin will be thankful for this. My skin has been acting out a bit, because of stress. That is why I think wearing makeup only on special occasions is a wise way.

9. Keep running my bullet journal! I started a bullet journal and it is lots of fun for a stationery enthusiast like me. I am the reason why two of my friends started to run one, too haha. You will see blog posts in 2017 about it as well ;)

10. My last goal is to try to put out a blog post every sunday. That's a challenge for me and I hope this will make me stay motivated.

What are your Goals & Hopes for 2017? Please let me know in the comments below :)

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Happy New Year!

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