New Hit! My Little Nut Etude House Christmas Edition 2016

November 17, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet!  It's me Jenny! :) 

Even though it's only November everyone is already excited for Christmas! I'm still not in the Christmas vibe, but Etude House is definitely.

They have just released this year's Christmas edition! 'My Little Nut' is concentrating on the lovely Christmas Story,  which everyone knows and loves. (Not all lol)

This edition is very princess-like and feminine, just like Etude House'so overall theme.

Dear My Lips Enemal Lips Talk

It's not just about makeup, but also about body care. You can also get a hand cream or a perfume.

2 Eyeshadow palettes were added to this edition.

Lucky Red Little Nut has quite a lot of warmer shades and it's great for the festive season with your family.

On the other hand you have the Wish Blue Little Nut palette, which is made out of only  cool shades. These are better for the parties with your friends.
Any Cushion Creamfilter with a beautiful cover.

Lucky Cheekbeam which is a natural highlighter :) It doesn"t make you look like a Christmas star lol

What do think about this edi

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