New Hit! Rilakkuma X A'Pieu

June 07, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny~

I was laying in bed while I was watching 'NCT Life' (omg I've been their fan since SMRookies and they are so adorable)  and then I got a notification from A'Pieu! I saw the picture of this mesmerizing new collection and I got up and ran to my laptop!

By just looking at all the adorable products I can already get a heartwarming spring vibe! :) 

Rilakkuma is a Japanese character, which is known as a continously relaxed and lazy bear.  He is totally stress-free and I wish that I could be as relaxed as him lol It's impossible to hate him and this special edition! 

This line includes:

- Air Fit A'Pieu XP Cushion Set #21 #23    (13.000 Won)
- Air Fit A'Pieu Cushion Blusher #PK01 #CR01 #BR01 #VL01 CR02             (5.800 Won)
- Mud Fresh Cleansing Foam     (4.500 Won)  
- Milk Moist Cleansing Foam    (4.500 Won)
- Jelly Brightening Cleansing Foam  (4.500 Won)


  1. The packaging is so cute >_< I'm taking a long break from purchasing anything so it hurts that I can't get my hands on these items! Thanks for sharing, Jenny <3

    1. Why are you taking a break from purchasing products? :o I couldn't be able to take a break lol

  2. I am so done with the constant release of cute animal packagingggggg T__T I've been refraining from buying a lot of products because I'm going poor. Omg, you like NCT too? Who's your fav? :D

  3. Ahh i love this collection! Rilakkuma is so cute <3 I'd love to try out the cushion blushers :)



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