Clouds Brown + Clouds Grey Klenspop Review

May 01, 2016

Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

Today I would like to review 2 pairs of circle lenses! :) They are called 'Clouds Brown' and 'Clouds Brown'.

Should we start?

The lenses came safely wrapped! :) The new small packaging is really adorable!! Unfortunately Klenspop forgot to send me lens cases...It has never happened! It's probably only  an accident!

The lenses have a cute design! The Black outer rings are not very harshly designed and rings like these make the eyes look more natural.
The brown ones blend in very easily with my darkbrown eyes, but the grey eyes not as great as the brown ones. You can still see my natural eye color.

I give always 5 from 5 stars in this category, because I have nothing to complain about! :D There is no discomfort at all!!

There is only a small enlargement. I couldn't see any big difference between my eyes and lenses.

Price: sell these lenses for $15! You can buy them on Klenspop's website. 'Clouds Grey' is even on sale! Only $7!!

I kinda prefer the 'Clouds Brown', because it blends much better with my natural eye color than the 'Clouds Gray'. They are very natural and not dolly. If you search for some natural lenses, you can try these out~


  1. It looks so pretty and natural!!!
    love how it looks on you dear! :)

    love lots,

  2. The cloud grey looks like a steel blue color, it's so nice. The price is amazing, can't beat it!


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