April 2016 Mishibox Review

May 05, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~ 

I think that the craze over subscription boxes is still going on! I've been always interested in getting one, because I like the feeling of receiving things haha. But I was too lazy to get one. Luckily, I've got the chance to review the April 2016 Mishibox! :)
Mishibox is a monthly subscription box, which offers Korean beauty products. In each box there are 5-6 full-size or deluxe beauty products from different Korean brands. Plus you only pay $19.99 for a monthly box!

So should we start?

I received my package two weeks after the shipping process! :) Everything came wrapped safely and prettily! The bunny is too cute!!

I really love the fact that Mishibox recommends you to do a patch test before you try the products out and they even have a page for all the translated ingredients! :) 

Here you can see the card with all the information about the products on! 

I was really amazed by all the products from the box! In this box the cruelty-free Korean cosmetic brand "Skin Watchers" is introduced and other brands like "It's Skin","Illi" and "MCC". 

Skin Watchers Natural Yam (Hemp Pulp) Oil Blotting Paper

The first product is made from 100% natural hemp pulp and this is said to absorb the oil from the face without stealing the moisture! :) Also the bloating sheets are biogradable and environmentally friendly!
I tried them out and I'm really happy with them! ♡ 
Retail Price: $3

Illi Camellia Oil Nourishing Mask 

This mask is formulated with Camellia Oil, Bean and Ginseng. It's great for boosting hydration and skin vitality! 
I haven't tried it out, but it sounds very promising! :)
Retail Price: $3

MCC Perfect Finish Pore Pack

This sebum control oil powder pact absorbs the oil and sebum on my face very well without drying it out too much. My skin is pretty dry right now and I was afraid that this powder would make my skin look patchy, but it didn't happen! It also minimizes the pores and it's true! :) 
I wanted to buy the 'Blur Powder' from 'Eglips', but I guess that there is no need anymore! :) 
Retail Price: $14

It's Skin Todak Todak Pack #1 Skin Elasticity

The elasticity pack contains pomegranate & shea butter and is improving for the skin's firmness and resilience! Another mask which I haven't tried out yet lol! I gotta try it out soon and let you know! :) Btw the masks are randomly selected c:

When I saw this base, I was thinking: "Wuhuuu!  I really needed a green base, because my skin has been red for quite a while lol"
But the product is kinda mehh 
It doesn't cover up well and it makes my skin look patchy :/

Retail Price: $9

This is a highly moisturizing face cream and it's amazing! It changed my skin immediately! It does moisturize your face perfectly without any greasiness! I applied it for the first time before going to sleep and my skin was pretty red and then I woke up and my skin wasn't red anymore!! I was speechless! :) This is my holy grail face cream right now c: Thanks for introducing this cream to me, Mishibox! 
Retail Price: $22 

Price Paid: $19.99      Retail Prices: $55
-> You save $35.01! 

I'm very satisfied with the whole box! I was totally delighted that I've got the chance to receive a Mishibox! I did like all the products, but I still need to experiment with the base product lol Maybe I will grow to love it? 
Mishibox's customer service was really kind and I would definitely repurchase from them :)

If you are interested in one of the products, you can buy them on Mishibox's website

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  1. That face cream sounds amazing! I've been looking into changing my face cream and so I'll definitely need to check that one out


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