Aritaum Mono Eyes #87 Orchid | #97 Modern Fatal Review

March 16, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

In my recent 'Korean Eyeshadow Haul' , I showed you two amazing eyeshadows from Aritaum! Today, I would love to give you a more detailed review! I got my eyeshadows from 'W2Beauty' aka an amazing Korean beauty store!

If you want to get those cuties, you can order them on W2Beauty's website!  Don't forget to use my registration / coupon code for $5 off! <3


 The eyeshadows come in 6 types for every occasion and prefence. The types are:
1. Baked Texture
2. Wet Process Texture
3. Cream Texture
4. Pressed Glitter Pearl Texture
5. Pressed Satin Pearl Texture
6. Pressed Non-Pearl Texture

Choosing between over 100 shades was pretty hard! Every color was pretty on its own and I felt like choosing dark colors.

So should we start?

Each eyeshadow comes in a small black pan, which looks very similar to the Mac eyeshadows.
It's made out of plastic and it's very lightweight. They are small, but traveling with them is kinda problematic. I wouldn't recommend it, because they are easy to damage! Just look at #ModernFatal !! T_T

Aritaum Mono Eyes #97

The first one is #ModernFatal ! It's one of the most popular shadows from this line and it belongs to the 'Wet Processed' texture range. This means that its strength is a moist finish and a glittering effect.
It's a brown shimmery color, which contains chunky glitter. But after applying the color, the big chunks almost disappear. Only a beautiful shimmery color is left. There is a fall out and that's why I prefer putting it on with my index finger and not a brush. It prevents the fall out with this simple method.
It belongs to the 'Wet Processed' texture range. It's very glittery and sparkly! The color is pigmented, but you need to apply it twice for a better pigmentation. #ModernFatal is somehow a rosy brown color which is perfect for a girly and soft look.
Even though some of you might think that this could be good for the under eye area, I wouldn't recommend it using it one this area. The fall out is too much and you will end up looking like a starry sky.

Aritaum Mono Eyes #87

Next is #Orchid, which belongs to the 'Matte' texture range. It's a deep pigmented burgundy color without any shimmer or sparkle.
On the picture it looked more like a darker shade of red, but in reality it's much more lighter.
Even though it's a matte color, it applies wonderfully and doesn't have any fall out. It feels very silky and soft.
After swatching it and applying it, I recognized that the color was still very pigmented!! :) Amazing color pay-off!!
The color fits Autumn or party nights the most c:

I got the perfect eyeshadow combination again! :) I can absolutely recommend getting these colors! I'm more than satisfied with the colors and I love wearing them :) For burgundy lovers #Orchid would be the perfect choice! <3
Totally worth the money and hype! Go and get them on 'W2Beauty'!


  1. Wow! modern fatal looks very pretty! Would love to see you wearing those in your eyes dear!!!! <3

    love lots,

  2. Wow, Orchid looks gorgeous! I'm always getting weak when the time for Aritaum 1+1 sales comes around, so I've got several Mono Eyes shadows, too - but I never dared to go for their bright mattes! Now ... I want that shade! :D Love red, burgundy and coral eyeshadows... <3 Too bad about the damaged packaging of Modern Fatal, though!


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