Klenspop: Ellen Panda Blue Review

February 11, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

Yeahhhh!!! I got another chance to try out a pair of the popular Ellen Panda line! This time they are blue. Y'know that I've already tried out the Ellen Panda Brown and Ellen Panda Violet.
I received them from klenspop.com, which is my most-liked online store for lenses! Go and check them out~

Should we start?

Lens Info:
Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect


Just the typical 2 weeks! The lenses came with a twizzer, a lens case which were packed in Klenspop's pretty new packaging!  I'm still overwhelmed by their new packaging!

Just like the other lenses the lens bottles are extremely adorable! The design is just like the 'Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet' lenses. The only change is obviously the color.
The lenses have got a thin black ring and the main color is a light blue.
The color is not pretty visible at first, so it's not made for people who expect a perceivable blue. Indoors the lenses look black, but outside they change into a beautiful dark blue color.

I went to a festival with them and I didn't feel any discomfort. But my eyes were still a bit tired after 8 hours lol Well, on the night before the festival  I couldn't sleep so well^^

It's not a big enlargement, but rather a natural one. The enlargement effect is still noticeable, but not as heavy as my usual ones.

Klenspop.com sell these lenses for $18! That's a good a price for a good pair of lenses!

Instead of a vibrant blue, I got the chance to try out an unnoticeable kind of blue.  Do you understand what I mean lol? I kinda prefer the violet ones, but the blue ones are fine as well. If you search for a natural pair of blue lenses, they will be a good choice!

You can buy them on klenspop.com!

With Flash

Without Flash

Without Flash

Without Flash

With Flash

With Flash

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  1. I really like the color of these! I agree that they are a more subtle blue color, though I think the enlargement is perfect from what I see in the pictures. I'm going to check out the Ellen Panda line right now! haha I'm actually going to get my eyes checked tomorrow, so it's perfect timing.



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