Etude House Monkey Wish Eyes #BR419 #PK014 Review

February 10, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

So I'm gonna start the year of the monkey with a review of two eyeshadows from the Monkey Wish Eyes collection!
I introduced the two shades in my 'Big Testerkorea Haul', but this post is more of a detailed review.

Each eyeshadow has got a new year message in Korean. If I had chosen after the new year messages, I wouldn't have picked these eyeshadows.

So should we start?

#BR419 Package Arrived

The first shade is #BR419 Package Arrived! I find the name rather ironic lol Saving money is one of my goals this year and not online shopping haha!
Anyway, at first it looked like a shimmery darkbrown eyeshadow. It looked very intense.
After swatching it and applying it, I recognized that the color was still very pigmented, but with a dash of shimmer.
It applies very well on my eyes and you can easily blend out the color, but it stays pigmented.
The texture is sooo smooth! I love it~

#PK014 You Look Great

Next is the Etude House Look At My Eyes Jewel #PK014 You Look Great!
What a beautiful name for a beautiful eyeshadow! Even in the pan the color looks beautiful! A beautiful shimmery color!
It's even more shimmery than the #BR419! The color does sparkle!
The color is not very pigmented. It appears sheer in my eyes. But after layering it up, the color got more visible.

#PK014 2 Layers

#PK014 2 layers
#BR419 1 layer

I'm very satisfied with those eyeshadows! The packaging is super adorable and I don't wanna destroy the small engraved monkeys T_T!
They are sheer eyeshadows, which are perfectly made for a natural every day look! They last long and look awesome together!
I would love to get every eyeshadow of the line, but my wallet says no lol!


  1. AAAhhh, the pink colour is so cute!! I also love the monkey design, it's not just an overlay right?

  2. Haha it's difficult to resist all the temptations of online shopping, especially when you get cutely packaged makeup like this! The brown actually looks like a wearable colour; I have a difficult time finding a brown that suits me but I think I've found one that might be the one ;D I expected the pink to be more neon-y? (that's not a word LOL!) but yeah, it doesn't look that bright and would be such a cute colour to use in the Spring / Summer ^^ I like how when used together, they match well giving a sultry look - right up my street ;P Thanks for reviewing these Jenny <3

    1. If you like the eyeshadow, you should get it♡ I love it~
      I thought that the pink eyeshadow would be matte, but it turned out shimmery haha
      No problem ♡

  3. The color is really cute with shimmer! :) This was just in time for the year of the Monkey :)


    1. Yes it's perfect for the year of the monkey c: I love all the colors~

  4. The combination of the two colors is gorgeous!! And the monkey design is perfect for the New Year. You'll be surrounded by goodluck :)

    1. When I buy two eyeshadows, I tend to buy ones, which fit each other well lol
      Thank you♡

  5. I feel like these look so much better / pigmented on you than they do on me! I love it! (:


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