January 12, 2016
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

Good news for all the LINE users! MISSHA have just made a collaboration with LINE and they have released a collection together!

It's a perfect collection for Spring, because all the colors are suitable and neat! These are all products that have been already released, but with another packaging. The prices are still the same.So if you don't like the special edition products, you can buy the normal ones instead. 

This collection includes: ('Where Can You Buy It?' will be updated soon!)
• Magic Cushion 11,600₩
• Magic Cushion Moisture 11,600₩
• Eye Color Studio Mini (Cony) 12,800₩
• Eye Color Studio Mini (Brown) 12,800₩
• 3D Mascara 3,300₩
• 4D Mascara 3,300₩
• Matte Lip Rouge 11,890₩
• Glossy Lip Rouge 11,800₩
• Micro Bubble Foam Cleanser (Green tea seed) 8,800₩
• Micro Bubble Foam Cleanser (Lotus seed) 8,800₩
• Water Full Tint 5,800₩
• Coloring Tint Balm 8,800₩
• Glam Art Nail Stickers 4,500₩
• Love Secret Hand Cream 3,000₩

Question: Which product caught your eyes?


  1. Oh my God! Bears and ducks! These days I don't go for cutesy things so much, but I would totally make an exception for these. I love that they have such neutral expressions too, they look so blur! The cushions look the cutest, but knowing Korean brands the darkest shade still won't match me :(.

    1. I'm the total opposite of you lol I'm go for cutesy stuff all the time :/ The new releases make me poor!
      I think that there is a self make cushion, which you can purchase.Maybe you could try that out~

  2. omg whyyyy!! Whenever korean brands do this - I feel the need to buy!!!
    The cushion foundation covers & the nail stickers are just too adorable <3
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Play 101 Stick Review

    1. The Korean brands are currently me :/ Whenever I want to purchase sth a new a brand comes out with a fresh release T_T

  3. holy shit i want all of them. I really love the LINE characters, cuz they're so cute nd funny >.< Thanks for the share I'd love the get that hehe~

    A C Y H O Z - blog


    1. I feel you :/ I prefer using kakaotalk and a brand should do a collab with kakaotalk as well lol I would be happy hahah!
      No problem~

  4. OHMYGOSH THE LINE LIP PRODUCTS ARE SO CUTE! Ill probably never use them due to the fear of damaging their beauty if I get them

    Passion Blog |

    1. Hahahah same here!! :D I've still got some special editions which I don't wanna use because they are too precious lol

  5. Ugh jenny I WANT EVERYTHING!!! Im probably going to order the cushion!! I love that they include two refills for you *-* I hope theyre going to release a collab with kakao friends too >. < I love them even more haha~

    Mindy ♡

    1. Mindy!! Ohh that would be a good choice! Which one will you get?
      We should definitely get something from the Kakao friends release if there is one haha :D We are kakao buddies lol

  6. Love line and love this collaboration. Ugh, I was seriously on the fence on which bb cushion design I should get.

    Payanie // tumblr // Newly established K-beauty blog

    1. I think that you should choose between the two cushions depending on your skin type. The Magic Cushion (brown) has got a matte finish and the Magic Cushion Moisture (yellow) a glowy finish.


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