Klenspop: Ellen Panda Brown Review

December 19, 2015
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

In my opinion Pandas are of the cutest animals on earth! I got so excited when I had seen the 'Ellen Panda Brown' lenses from klenspop.com! They look very gorgeous and I needed to review them!

Everything came wrapped safely, but the usual Klenspop packaging has changed! I was kinda shocked, but I don't mind the new packaging. It looks very handy. Plus, it took 2 weeks to arrive from Korea.

The lens bottles are extremely adorable! Just look at the cute panda drawing :) Anyway, the pattern of the lenses are just as pretty as the bottles. The pattern is made out of 4 different, natural colors (grey, brown, yellow & black). Those colors make your eyes look pure and innocent, but they still give you a dolly vibe. Mostly because of their diameter.  The 'Ellen Panda Brown' lenses blend easily into my natural eye color without having harsh transitions.

I went with those lenses to a birthday party and they didn't bother me at all. I was wearing them for almost 7 hours. They are very easy to put in and out as well.

The 'Ellen Panda Brown' lenses got a bigger enlargement than my usual lenses. I thought why did my eyes look so big until I looked at the lens info lol I really like the diameter! :).

They are currently on sale! Only half the price! :o You gotta get them quickly on klenspop.com !

I fell totally in love with them :) I got a lot of compliments on the party~ Perfect lenses, which are in the middle between natural and dolly. It's worth the purchase!

Lots of love, Jenny


  1. Ahh...those lenses are super cute *_* I might just check them out! I'm trying to find more comfortable lenses since lately my eyes have been so dry :'c

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. Thank you~ Hmm I've never had the problem with dry eyes, so I cannot be a helpful person! Sorry :/


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