Klenspop: Ruby Queen Gray Review

November 19, 2015
Hello lovely people on the Internet! It's me Jenny ~

Where have I been?! - Honestly, I spent my time in hell... I should be more clearly. I mean with hell the school of course haha! Studying for exams and keeping a blog alive  is pretty difficult T_T Sometimes I wish that I control time...
Anyway, I would like to review the 'Ruby Queen Gray' lenses which I got from Klenspop.com!

Should we start?

Lens Info:
Dia: 14.00 mm
Graphic Dia: 13.8 mm
BC: 8.6 mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Manufacturer: Neo Vision
Origin: Korea

It took 2 weeks to arrive from Korea and that's quite a normal shipping time. Everything came wrapped safely in bubble wraps and a small box.

These are gray lenses and they got a diamond like pattern. It's very lovely and they give your eyes a special vibe. The color gives you a fierce look, but the pattern soothes it down. A mix between fierceness and cuteness. I didn't choose the diamond life, the diamond life chose me^^
The only thing which I could criticize is the color intensity. You can easily tell that my natural eye color is brown, because it kinda shows through. It's not that noticeable, but it still bothers me a bit.

The lenses didn't bother me and I was able to wear them for almost 7-8 hours. My eyes felt tired after that, but it's bearable.

The 'Ruby Queen Gray' lenses are very natural and didn't make my eyes appear big and dolly. There is still a noticeable enlargement, but not as heavy as my normal type of lenses.

It's an amazing price for a good pair of lenses. I could never give under 5 stars to klenspop.com in this category, because their prices are unbeatable!

I'm pretty delighted about these lenses, but they couldn't win over my other pair of grey lenses. It's still a nice pair, because of their unusual design.


  1. Hi Jenny they look great! So dark and mysterious :). I have also really struggled being in Uni 6 days a week and keeping up my blog hence my recent hiatus. Keep up at it though! You are still so young and the perfect age for this industry ^^

    1. Thank you for cheering me up!! I hope that you will keep up blogging as well, because I really enjoy reading your posts! :)

  2. Ah those lenses are pretty cute and natural!
    Haha I know what you mean about school though...hopefully we both get over this stressful time D:

    Mia - Rainbow Road

  3. Waaaah the lenses look good on you.I just bought a new pair of blc lenses and I just realized 15mm is really big.I think 14mm is the best for natural look and can be worn every day.

    1. Honestly, I prefer wearing 14.2 mm, because there is still an enlargement visible and it looks natural!:) Thanks~

  4. This looks a lot prettier than those with really light colors, to be honest. Before, I tried using contact lenses but I just can't put it through my eyes because I get terrified Lol. But this looks good on you, Jenny.

    Lou | wander-soul.net

    1. I prefer darker shades as well, because my hair isn't light. Thanks for your compliment :)
      At first I was terrified as well and it took me 30 minutes to put one lens in!! XD You will get used to it~

  5. omg! this is awesome! :) i love the details of this contact lens :)


  6. All the best for your exams Jenny! <3
    hehe I've finished mine now! :)
    The lens is pretty & I think your opening photo is very cute~
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Office Chums : Pig Chum Review!

    1. Only one month is left! I gotta study a lot ._. Thanks!! :) Oh do you think so? I wanted to look fierce, but I failed hahah


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