Life Update: Traveling

August 16, 2015
Hello lovely people on the Internet!  It's me Jenny~

I'm very sorry for the lack of posts , but I'm currently in Duesseldorf/Germany and I'm really busy with sightseeing, shopping, meeting relatives and experiencing the German city life! Plus, I haven't taken my laptop with me >< Soon I will make a post about this as well. The city is really beautiful! :)

I still need to do the Hate/Love tag lol Anyway, I should announce the giveaway winner too!

The winner is......

Cindy C.

Thank you for all the people who joined my giveaway! I'm very happy about it! 

Much love, Jenny 


  1. Ahh jenny, nice to know you're alive and well haha!
    I want to visit germany one day :) you're travelling so much lately, i'm so jealous T-T

    1. I'm still alive hahah I'm such a lazy person e.e I'm not traveling that much haha You are overreacting! :D

  2. Lucky you! And the giveaway winner! Have safe and exciting travels xx

  3. this looks delicious ^^

  4. Hope you're having a good time in Germany! Have fun!! see you soon again, take your time ^_^

  5. Its such a pity we couldnt meet each other :-( It would have been a lot of fun :D Congratz to the winner >.< ♡♡


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