May 02, 2015
Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny~

I'm the happiest girl on earth now! My Exodus album came!!!
How can I express my weird fangirl feelings? (lol)  Have you ever felt like screaming for joy over a thing which seems so little?image
I could write how much I love this album, but I don't want to bother you with that haha.

So, I preordered my album on yesasia.com and it took fcking 3-4 weeks to get here. It should have taken 2 weeks, but then I emailed yesasia.com and asked them why it took so long. They told me that there was a delay because of a shipping issue. Well, it kinda pissed me off, because they didn't tell me earlier and I needed to email them. Have you ever purchased something on yesasia?

Well, never don't mind about a thing lol (I should stop with those exo jokes)

It came in a small package and the album was well wrapped. Somehow it felt super light :D

You have probably noticed that my ultimate bias is Chanyeol and that's why I ordered the Chanyeol Korean version. I even thought about getting the 20 Exodus versions, but I'm a poor student who doesn't work for her money. (*sobs*)
Well, at least I got this album <3

I really love the whole album design, because I've got a thing for shiny albums with something cool on it. I refer to the moon and not to Chanyeol (srsly he's a dorkimage

Now, I want to talk about my bet with my lil sister. We were joking about my misfortune that I'd never got Chanyeol as a photocard. So I said: " If I got Chanyeol as a photocard, this would be a sign from heaven and we would be destined to be with each other."
After that I opened the album and I started to scream like a crazy person. (my parents got worried about me haha)

I kept singing: "You are my destiny geudaen"(YWCFTS OST)
"Cuz you're my destiny wuhooooooo" (Infinite- Destiny)

So the conclusion of this post:image
-YesAsia annoyed Jenny
- Jenny loves Exodus
- Chanyeol is Jenny's soulmate
- They are destined to be with each other
- her parents think that she's crazy
- she likes to write in the 3rd person singular

Much love, Jenny ( aka Mrs. Park)


  1. Congrats with getting your album! I'm not a kpop fan but I wish you to listen to this CD being full of the best feelings in the world ♡


    1. Thanks a lot c: It was the best feeling on earth! <3

  2. lololol Hi Mrs. Park :D

    I've only ordered from Yesstyle once and I feel like it was pretty fast. I feel like newly released CD's might take longer because too many people are ordering them.

    1. I think that I can get used to that name lol
      Well, I think that it was one of the reasons, but they should have at least texted me first o.o

  3. I like Chanyeol since he appeared on Roommate season 1 :D

  4. Woaaah, I've never done such ordering before! But waiting for something to arrive really sucks!

    Celly | Asian Beauty and Makeup Blog

    1. I totally agree!! I have a love-hate relationship with online shopping xD

  5. I'm happy for you, Jenny! I can really relate to that wonderful feeling of extreme happiness!! To the point of shouting and... Shouting, yes. Even though I am not a Kpop lover, I love how Kpop stars sing and dress up! *winks*

    Jong | www.iamjoannalanojan.blogspot.com/

    1. Haha it's great to hear that c: Yes the KIdols are so pretty *-*

  6. Congratulations on your new boyfriend Jenny LOLOL!!
    I've never ordered anything from yesasia, but now I'll probably won't :L I hate waiting more than 2 weeks for a package, especially when I anticipate it real bad

    1. Boyfriend? Don't you mean husband lol? XD
      Maybe it was only in my case like that...idk haha :D

  7. OMG chanyeol looks cute ! I'm happy for you jenny ^^
    I have followed you on BlogLovin, mind to followback? ^^


    1. That's true! :) Thanks!! I followed you back, too~

  8. OMG! That is sooo nice! :) anyway, do you know the KPop Group FameUS? I met them personally during their presscon here. :)


    1. Yes I've heard about them :D Oh I'm jealous!! You were so lucky~

  9. wow this is so nice, happy for you
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  10. Chanyeol ♥
    He's so handsome and such a dork, thats why I like him. But knowing that you are destined for each other breaks my heart </3 (hahaha)
    I hope you enjoy the album a lot.


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