Asia Travel Diaries Part 2: Laos

Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny~
Have you been waiting for part 2? I hope you didn't wait so long! :) This post is very picture heavy, because I spent most of my time in Laos. I guess some of you don't even know that there is a country called Laos. (lol)

We drove from Ubon to Pakse by car. My relatives picked us up and it took 2 hours to get there. 

A few days after getting to Pakse, we went to a temple. I spent 3 hours listening to a monk chanting at full volume. ( I shouldn't talk badly about a temple, but it was like a punishment lol). I will never forget this... :D

Here are two pictures from the streets of Pakse.
I really need to say that Laos' streets are very dangerous! I'm pretty afraid of busy streets and the streets of Pakse creeped the hell out of me. Well, it's not as dangerous as Vietnam, but there are too much vehicles on the streets. The people drive too fast and carelessly! (But what should I expect? xd) 

It was kinda a coincidence that I'd made a picture of  the empty streets!

If you ever get the chance to go to a Southeast Asian country, you need to visit the night markets where they sell street food! It's amazing there and everything is freshly made!
Just look at these fresh coconuts!

On an another day, we went with the family of my dad to the countryside. The funny thing is that they never told me where we would go. It was really unexpected to go to the countryside lol

The family of my dad is very rich and powerful. Every adult owns a car (which I think is really polluting!) and they all live together in a huge mansion! One of my cousins owns 2 hotels  o.o
But I guess you can get rich very easily (and poor) in Laos. 
I cannot remember where we went. But it was kinda like an old ruin, where you can go for praying. 

The countryside is somehow appealing, but it was really hot outside!

Here you can see a part of the ruin and it's mostly damaged.

I need to admit that the clouds in Laos were so lovely!

This is a path you can walk down and it takes you  to a bunch of stones which you can climb up. I think that there was a big statue on top. ( I was too lazy to climb xD)

Here, I offered my prayers and the statue was really beautiful!

After the trip to ruins, we went to a boat restaurant. The food was extremely delicious and freshly prepared. They mostly had fish dishes, which were super spicy! I can eat spicy food, but in Laos my absolute limit was reached xD

You will find a lot of these restaurants in  Laos, but I can also  recommend you another great fish boat restaurant, which is located in Pakse. It's pretty modern and they also have got live music c: 

The jelly was so good there! It brings back old childhood memories! :)

A very salty Japanese snack, which I got from my cousin. She lives with her Japanese husband and their two kids (Taito and Michina) in Japan :) It was luck that we had the chance to meet them! The kids are so adorable and smart! They can speek 3 languages (Japanese, English and Laotian)!! I grew up with only 2 languages and they can speak 3!! (wth) I talked to them in English, because I cannot speak Laotian :D

My favorite snack was obviously corn. The corn in Asia tastes amazing!! The consistency was really different to other corn, but I loved it.....A chewy and mild taste <3

It was extremely boring in Laos, because there was nothing interesting for a teenager who couldn't even speak the language. That's why my 18-year-old cousin took me to a diner where mostly teenagers hang out. Of course he knew everyone, but I felt pretty isolated lol The boys were staring at me, because they could see that I was from a foreign country and the girls were hiding theirselves behind their cell phones. I could only unterstand a few words, which my parents taught me. It was something like: "Foreigner....white skin...." xD
Well, at least the food was good! :D

My parents are obsessed with visting temples and traditional places T-T

We offered our prayers to a trunk o.o I cannot retell the myth of this special trunk, but it had to do sth with  a monk xD

But this place was super duper beautiful!

We went to the Khone Phapheng Falls, which are the biggest waterfalls in Southeast Asia!

The view was breathtaking! *-*

I didn't enjoy my trip to Laos that much, because I mostly spent my time sleeping, eating, and visiting relatives. Of course visting relatives was really really nice, but it was EXTREMELY boring in Laos. My cousins were too old (boring, too) and they didn't take me to exciting places. (That 18-year-old boy went partying every day or so fmlao) They were always at home T-T 
My parents were enjoying their time with their family and my sister and I were suffering... We argued a lot with our parents :D I need to say that I would have liked to stay in a clean hotel and not the old house of my grandma (mother's side). I felt like dying...I fought against bugs, moscitos and insects. Plus, my fear of strange beds and bed sheets made it worser T-T (Luckily, I persuaded my parents to buy an airbed for me lol) 
I will never travel to Laos with my parents again! Or if I travel to Laos again, I will spend there only one week in a CLEAN hotel! My parents always wanted to do these and that and they didn't let me do anything exciting! 
AND the internet sucks there!! -.- 

I should stop writing now or else I will get very angry again xD

Next Part: Vietnam ♥ The best time was definitely in Vietnam c: You will get to see pictures of Lay's doppelganger wuhuu!

Thanks for reading my super long post! 


  1. ooooo yes finally get to see that Lay #2!! hahaha!!
    I've never been to laos, my dad's parents moved to laos where my dad was born so he probably misses that place lol even though all his family is in australia now!
    it seems like a place that would be good to visit with friends.
    and omg i love those potato swirly things ;A; they only sell it during festivals or summer night market here :(

    1. Omg he is so handsome!! I should have kidnapped him lol
      Oh so you're dad is Thai, but he was born in Laos? Did I get that right? :)
      Yeah if you are an adult xD Being a teenager was kinda bothersome...
      Omg me too!! I want to eat that again ;/

  2. Oh jenny I'm sorry you had a bad time in Laos! Travelling with your parents is always a bit tense, I last travelled with my dad to Korea and that was pretty awkward. I just did my own thing all of the time haha. Haven't travelled with my mum for over 10 years!

    I hate how relatives assume that just because you're the same age as other people you will automatically get along. Those days where I had to sit on the 'kid' table filled with cousins and other 'young' people I didn't know haha. It's especially bad when you are the foreigner! They seem to look down on you because you are westernised. Not sure if you felt like that or not?

    Anyway the countryside looks so beautiful! And I'm jealous of those fresh coconuts! The ones I buy here are never fresh, sometimes they are off and purple inside :S. I hope you got to drink lots of them! Looking forward to more travel posts xx

    1. Sorry for the late reply :/
      Well, it wasn't that awful but it was hella tense xD
      Luckily, the other kids didn't look down on me! It was just the language barrier which put me in an awkward situation lol

      Oh yeah the countryside was really beautiful and hot!
      I miss the coconuts a lot >< They were so tasty!!

      Thanks for dropping by~

  3. Laos looks way different to what I expected, it's so green! I've never seen red sweetcorn before...does it taste the same as the yellow one? Can't wait to hear about vietnam! Fear of the traffic puts me off going there but I'm sure I will eventually so any info is useful ^_^

    { }

    1. Sorry for the late reply ><!
      I didn't take a lot of pictures of the cities, but I need to say that the cities are very different to the countryside!
      It doesn't taste like the yellow one at all....It has got a mild taste and it's really delicious c:
      It will be up soon~
      You will get used to the traffic and I will tell you a few tips how to cross the streets safely hahaha

  4. Oh no! At least you got to experience Laos once (even though it was a bad experience haha). Personally, I dislike travelling with my parents as well, but ah well, life. Excited to read about Vietnam!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

    1. It wasn't my first time lol It was my second time there....When I was 8 I went there, too. I still can remember that I didn't like it haha
      Parents are really annoying >< They won't let you go and you need to go everywhere with them urghh
      Hopefully, you will like the next post~

  5. Thanks for share so many cute pics of your trip
    I love it the cold water of coconut is delicious and refreshing

  6. WHOOAA! Laos! :O I want to go there, but yeah I agree on the place being boring, most of my friends said that. They prefer Vietnam which I can't wait to visit too. I will wait for your post! :)


    1. Yes I agree! My older siblings also prefer travelling to Vietnam. It's just more exciting!
      It will be up soon~

  7. I was smiling to read this post because what you've wrote there is totally similar with the condition here in Indonesia ^^ We have a very busy street and the traffic also full of vehicle (pollution everywhere!). It'll be very hot during dry season but fortunately it's rainy here so the weather isn't bothering me much, haha. Since Indonesia and Laos are still in the same region (South East Asia), so I guess there are pretty much similarity. Even though at some part I can see your madness Jenn, but still, you seems enjoyed it so much. Go go continue for the next part, I'll be waiting ><

    1. I think that Indonesia is still more exciting than Laos! I slept for 10 hourd and I even had a nap every day!!
      It was really hot!! But somehow I got used to it lol
      I need to admit that I had a lot of fun with my younger cousins! One boy was really cute!! And he looked so similar to Jay Park xD
      Thanks for leaving a comment~

  8. I must admit that I don't hear about Laos too often. Looks a lot like the Philippines though!

    1. Really? I've never been to the Philippines, but it's on my travel list c:

  9. aww sorry to hear your bad experience, well at least you get to travel there, i haven't been to Laos but im more excited about Vietnam <3 Thanks for sharing your experience Jenny :)

    Join my giveaway

    1. Thank you Sarah! :)
      Vietnam ♥ I really had a great time there!


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