Sample Review: Tony Moly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack

March 11, 2015
Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny~

Thanks a lot for your help! I was so happy and I almost cried^^ #overdramaticperson I cannot express how much thankful I am! :)
So, today I got some time and I want to review a sample, which I got from my latest Korean Skincare Haul. I was pretty impressed about it and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. So let's start~

This is the 'Tony Moly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack' sample (a very long name haha) .

So those unaware, a sleeping pack is a thick gel/cream which you put on your face and let it stay overnight. It's the last step of the Korean Skincare routine. And it's a great way to lock in moisture and to make the face smooth in the morning. Sleeping Pack are very popular in Asia.

Product Description + Ingredients
This dual functional sleeping pack contains a wrinkle-improving functional ingredient of adenosine and  a skin whitening functional ingredient of arbutin. It makes dull, sagging, and wrinkled skin young and healthy.

How to use: After evening cleansing, apply an appropriate amount along the skin texture around the face and neck area and gently pat to absorb. This should be the last stage of skin care process. 

Adenosine: For skin whitening
Arbutin: boots the production of collagen
There is the picture of all the ingredients. This sleeping pack contains 'cetearyl alcohol', which can irritate sensitive skin.

The smell is not highly scented and it has got a small fragrance. A mixture of a light flower scent and the "typical" skincare scent. (Well, I'm not good at describing scents lol)

It's a thick white gel, which doesn't absorb into your skin quickly. Well, most sleeping packs are like that.

My Opinion:
My skin is and was a bit troubled. I've got some red spots and my skin has got some dry areas. *sighs*
So I put this cream on after washing my face, applying toner and a lotion (.....) And it didn't feel sticky at all. After that I went to sleep and woke up with a smooth and glowing skin. I could tell a difference! My red spots were almost gone!But my T-Zone was a bit oily. I cannot tell a brightening effect, because I used it only once or twice.
But I don't recommend you to but this sleeping pack, if you have oily or acne prone skin. Dry skin or normal skin are more suited.

TIP: If you have  oily or acne prone skin, try to search for a water based sleeping pack.

Overall: 8/10
-not highly scented
-cheap price
-great moisturizing effect
-helped my red spots
-it leaves a glowing skin in  the morning

-not good for sensitive/acne prone/oily skin

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Much love, Jenny


  1. I absolutely love sleeping pacts! my dehydrated skin just drinks it up
    thanks for sharing your thoughts on these ^-^

    1. Sleeping packs are so helpful, because you don't need to spend hours with caring your skin haha! You're welcome and thanks for dropping by~

  2. i just found your blog and it's so cute and lovely!! definitely following you~! i will look forward to more posts from you~

    1. Thanks a lot :) You are so cute and I like your blog very much~ We share the same taste haha! I followed you back!

  3. Awe glad to see you're doing and feeling better than before, Jenny! ^^

    o-o that is a long name for a product, haha. I love sleeping masks especially the ones that have the absorbing gel consistency, it's cold but it makes your skin feel nice!

    That's great that the mask made a difference on your skin, except for the brightening part.

    xx Courtney

    1. Thanks to the help of my lovely readers! :) They all made my day much brighter! And I'm thankful for your comment as well c:

      haha that's true! I know what you mean! After a tiring day a soothing sleeping mask is great! :)
      Anyway, I was so impressed! And my lil sis as well. Now she wants to purchase this sleeping pack lol

  4. Thank you for the review, Jenny! I've never tried any sleeping pack, but this seems like a good one, plus is suitable for my skin type. Hope you are having a nice day!

    1. You're welcome!! It makes me happy to see that you get on the sleeping pack wagon, too :)
      Same goes for you xx

  5. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Lol that is a long name!
    I need something to lighten my red spots D: but my skin is oilyyyy hahaha!

    1. I thought the same haha! :D How can someone name a product this long!
      Oh no! Try to search for another sleeping pack! Because this will make your more oily << The 'Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack' should work well with oily skin~

  7. Hello! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because you're so great blogger!
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    1. Thanks a lot my chingu! :) I will try to make it as fast as I can xx


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