Liebster Award +Achieved Blogging Goal

February 10, 2015
Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny :)

Great news, guys!! I made it!! I've reached the 100 followers on bloglovin!  ( okay 101 xD) Thanks for your support and help! You are the best, guys!! :)
Plus, my package from KLenspop has arrived! AND (yeah there's more).... my sister has ordered for me the Ao Haru Ride DVD!!! ♥
Am I blessed today haha? What for an awesome day! I am very grateful~

Wow!! I've got nominated for the Liebster Award twice!! What an honor :) It makes me so happy~ 

Thanks a lot for the nomination! You are such a kind blogger friend and I love your blog!! Everyone should check her blog out!!

Well, thanks to you, too! It made me happy! Everyone should read her posts, because they are amazing!

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer the questions asked by the nominator
3. Nominate other bloggers with less than 200 followers
4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer
5. Notify your nominees through their blogs or SOCIAL MEDIA

Her questions and my answers:

1) Who is your inspiration in life?
My inspiration, huh? Frankly, I have a lot of inspirations in my life. It depends on the situation, because there are some who inspire me in my daily life and some in my hobbies.

2) How has blogging changed you?
Well, I'm on my laptop more and I invest a lot of time in blogging, reading other posts and daydreaming haha! Actually, it has made my life a little bit more spectacular. I've made a lot of good friends through blogging! And I love it how I can write about my favorite things~

3) How long do you wish to continue blogging for?
Blogging makes a lot of fun and I want to keep blogging until I'm old. It's somehow like a diary and it would be so nice to reread my posts in the future! and so awkward lol

4) If you were to give advice you your 2013 self, what would it be?
♪Stay all cool♪ *Jonghyun's Deja Boo is popping up in my head* Well, Jenny? Please don't let other opinions make your upset! There is always a person who stands out and the others gonna judge the person anyway. I don't want you to please them! :)

5) Pizza or fries?
I don't eat those things often, but if I had to go with one of them I would choose Pizza.

6) Tea or coffee?
Tea!! I'm a tea lover and I drink over 5 cups per day^^ Tea has got such a soothing and relaxing effect on me! :) It makes me calm down a bit and I cannot live without my beloved Green Tea!! I have a year's supply of tea haha!

7) Morning person or nocturnal?
Well, I do all my important stuff in the morning. But I'm pretty lazy to wake up early, even though I need to!
But I do all my blogging and Internet stuff in the night. So I'm both?:DD

8) Favourite app?
I use Youtube, KakaoTalk and Tumblr a lot! :) But my favorite app would be Manga Rock or some of my Voltage Games^^ (Is there someone who loves Voltage's games like I do? lol)

9) Party or night in with popcorn and a movie?
I always choose the night in! :DD It's my ritual to watch Kdramas, Animes and movies at the weekends!! I dislike going to partys, because I prefer being in my comfy clothes instead of being in high heels^^

10) Fame or fortune?
Hard question!! I would choose fortune :D Don't ask me why haha

11) City or Rurals?
Her questions and my answers:

1. How long have you been a blogger?
I've started to blog a few months ago. On the 21st September, 2014. ♥

2. Who is your favorite lifestyle blogger?
Gahhh I can't choose!! Actually, I like a lot of lifestyle blogger....

3. What is your favorite food?
I love eating summer rolls!♥ I could them forever!

4. If you can travel around the world, where would you want to go first?
S-E-O-U-L ♥ I've been wanting to travel to Seoul for a long time!
-I want to improve my Korean and meet some of my Korean friends!
- Korea's culture is so interesting and I want to see more of it and learn about it!!
-My Favorite Skincare and Makeup Brands are located there! Plus, it's much more cheaper and efficient! ♥
-Stalking my "husbands" xD *cough Exo cough*

5. Who is your favorite designer?
Hmmhh.... There are a lot of great designers, but I'm too poor as a student to buy the clothes lol! :D If I like the clothing item, I will buy. I don't consider brands or so.

6. What is the one thing that you love the most about yourself?
My skin hahah :DD I've never had acne or skin problems! Plus, my skin is super soft, almost like a baby.^^ I'm really blessed with that!! Additionally, my family and friends envy my skin and give me a lot of compliments, which make me happy! Well, who doesn't love compliments?

7. What is your favorite TV show at the moment?
'Fresh Off The Boat' has aired 2 episodes a few days ago. It's such a funny comedy TV show. This is the 2nd US sitcom to feature an Asian-American family, and it tells the story of Asian-Americans growing up in America with immigrant parents. I think that a lot of Asian-American Kids can relate to and the mum is super funny!! She reminds me of my mum haha!

Ao Haru Ride!!♥ I keep rewatching it and I can't stop loving it! It's one of my favorite Animes and it's perfection! If you want to know more about this Anime, please check out my previous post about it!

8. What is the one thing that you really want to do, but so afraid to do it?
I don't know, because I'm a pretty spontaneous person.

9. Favorite motivational quote?
"Not matter how difficult and hard somethings is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot."
-Park Chanyeol♥
This quote gave me a lot of motivation to keep going, even if it was hard!

10. Name one thing that you cannot live without!
RICE lol
Well, Rice is the staple food of Asians and my parents taught me to acknowledge Rice hahah!

11. How do you like it to be a blogger?
Blogging is more than a hobby! It has changed a lot in my life and I'm so grateful about that! So I love it! :)

I nominate:

My Answers for you:

1. Do you have a secret blogging tip?
2. Have you ever told your friends about your blog?
3. Favorite Beauty Brand?
4. Favorite Clothing Brand?
5. If you had the chance to travel to  a country, which one would you choose?
6. Valentine's Day or Halloween?
7. How much do you care about skincare?
8. Favorite movie?
9. How long will you run your blog?
10. Meanest thing you ever said?
11. Nicest thing you ever said?


  1. Congrats on hitting 100 followers!! I'm lagging behind, but I'll be getting there eventually. Blogging is so fun (:

    I also can't believe you don't eat pizza or fries. I don't eat them that often, but potato products are my favorite. The pub on my campus has the most amazing carne asada tater tots. If walking into a pub didn't make me nervous (there's a lot of loud people there even during the day), I would get it more often.

    Hao | haodoyoungo

    1. Thanks a lot!! :) Hopefully, you will get the 100 followers soon! You deserve that!

      Well, I prefer eating Asian food so that's why I don't tend to eat a lot of potato products haha! Loud places annoy me, too! ><

      Thanks fo dropping by!! :)

  2. Congrats on 100+ followers on bloglovin! nice answers and I laughed at #10 about rice, and I so agree with you on #5 about being too poor to buy designer clothing lol.

    x, Vivi Lien

    1. Thanks a lot!! :) I'm glad to hear that~ Well, how can a student get a lot of money for designer clothing? I cannot rob a bank haha!

  3. congratulations jenny for the awards and followers !haha you also into Jonghyun's dejaboo ?me too!nice jams till it stuck in my head lately ^^

    1. Thanks~~ Oh yeah it is such an ear worm! I love his album! His voice is so soothing!

  4. Congrats on both things, they are both amazing :D
    I love tea as well, it is the best x

  5. Congrats on hitting 100+ followers and for the award too!! :)
    I used to play a lot of Voltage games when i had an iphone i spent $70 in one sitting once and i didnt even get to play all of them. Now that I'm on android, I really dont want to spend any more money on fake boyfriends ;A; but....i really want to... LOL

    1. Thanks darling!! :)
      OMG!! You played/play voltage games lol? :DD We are meant for each other!! Well, I keep spending my money on fake boyfriends xD It's so addictive!! Because the games are so good and I love the characters! Plus, they have amazing plots!
      They keep releasing great games and I cannot say no to them hahah!

  6. oh my word! Congrats on hitting 100 followers! I'm almost at 50 :D, can't wait till I reach your level... Loved this post. And yes, fortune over fame haha :) xx

    1. Thanks a lot my friend!! You truly deserve to get the 100 followers! Hopefully, it will happen soon~

  7. Congratulations ^^

    And keep up the great work for many many years ^^ ฅ(⌯͒• ɪ •⌯͒)ฅ❣


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